Ref. No. : JA - 5999 - Twin Screw Extruder Operator – Production - Compounds & Masterbatch at Rhein Neo Polymers And Chemicals LLP, Dombivli, Maharashtra

Job Description

Experienced in handling twin screw extruder.
Should be able to resolve machine related problems. Should be able to do troubleshooting and handle breakdown.
Should have experience and knowledge of handling mixers, dosing system, side feeders, screen changer, pelletizing, packaging, etc.
Experience of hot die face cutting pelletizer is an advantage.
Should be able to identify quality related problems and should maintain product quality.
Should identify ways for increasing production.
Perform shift duty.
To maintain daily production record as well as raw material consumption record.
Should be experienced in handling thermoplastic elastomers, engineering plastics, PE, PP, TiO2, CaCO3, Lithopone, Zinc stearate, finawax, additives, pigments, dyes etc.
Should have awareness of plant, material, and personnel safety.

About Company

Company is focusing on manufacturing masterbatches. Company is a start-up managed by experienced directors.

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