Ref. No. : CA - 32361 - (Production - Dies & Tools – with 13.1 years in Plastic Industry)


Govt. Tool room &Training Nenter Mangalore (Afliated to AINTE)
Diploma in TOOL AND DIE MAKING (June 2003-March 200 , Mangalore, IC

Skill Sets

Manufacturing & maintenance of molds / Geometric dimensional & tolerances / Flash correcton /contnues improvements /NC

Work Experience

Tool room Manager
Company profile - leading Manufacturer, Supplier of PRESSED COMPONENTS , TOOLS, JIGS

Job profile -
Complete tool room process control (Grinding ,NCN, Wire cut, Sparking )
NPD (Cew product development) connector part (Suprajit) injection mold concept planning,
Design review. Part design modification for PNB assembly
Cew injection mold tool costing ,press tool costing and Mold part costing
Mold tool cavitation based on molding machine tonnage and volume of production with respective of component critical features.
Man power handling
Interaction with US customer for technical problem (weekly once )
Cew molding projects costing and mold concept design planning and design review and
approval. Mold tool manufacturing ,mold approval and mold part approval
NPD US export end cover molded part crack issue successfully solved.
NPD Solenoid coil over molded part part design model changes, injection mold concept design review, approval and tool manufacturing and in production bobbin rejection rate reduced.
US Export Hinge snap ft plastic (NPD) part design modification tenure proper locking during final assembly.
Overall supporting production.
NPD Haring push pull connector part (critical profile with close dimensional tolerance) mold part project handling from design tpart approval.
NPD US export Nable Wire hinge lock part design modification ,tavoid crack issue while assembly
US export wire harness insert injection molding and over molding NPD projects success fully handled.

Production Supervisor
Company profile - leading cable manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, committed to production of Low and Medium Voltage Cables using Hi-tech European technology.

Job profile -
Managed people of 7 different countries
Mould costing for existing injection mould modification and new mold development
Tryout, mould problem analysis, correction and design modification of new molds from
Austria, Turkey, Nhina.
German make Gear mechanism thread mould (16 cavites) problem rectification, correction.
Austria make IFW Company thread mould (Gear with ball bearing mechanism) high speed
rotating core locking bush guiding area modification and correction tavoid repetitive
NPD Turkey make AFKAR Company new double cavity (1.5 meter ) Big spool hot runner
mold ,ejector plate design modification tavoid ejector struck and part catching and t
reduce cycle tme .
Nhina make tread mould repetitive insert damage issue corrected by modifying ejector plate
Mould spare inserts in house machining follow up and lissome critical inserts outsourcing
follow-up reduce spare parts cost
Air ejection thread mould part catching and injecton issue design modification and
Injection molding process side defect rectification and correction.
High speed rotatng core thread mould problem identification and correction.
Spool mould critcal area repetitive insert damage, in solid insert local insert modification t
reduce spare cost and correction tme.
In some mould runner puller pin design modification and correction tavoid in between
runner catching issue during production.
Types of molds in which worked on are Stripper injection mould ,slider ,rotating core
mold ,air injection mould ,hot runner mould ,Sleeve ejector mould ,thread mould
Worked in Autcad 2019 Sofware and Solid works for mould design modification,
correction and for design review.
Types of plastics handled PN,PP,PA (Cylon66 )HDPE,PVN
KPI (Key performance Indicator) Reports for checking productvity

TE CONNECTIVITY / Junior engineer

Key clients
AUDI BLS Nar brake assembly mould ,COKIA-Mobile sim card connector molds
HSIboard connector ,PN card ,Smart card connector moulds Parts used in PN,ATM
US MODULAR JACK Connector molds
TVS brush holder insert moluds
Worked in different types of connector moulds and Automotive molds
Worked in NPD computer connector cable part ,mould tool modification and approval
Involved in Air vent planning for precision moulds ,trouble shootng defects like weld line
,flow mark ,short short ,shrinkage ,war page
Worked in different types of hot runner moulds for problem trouble shooting with diferent
Worked on 50 t300 tonnage injection molding machine of different type
,Hydraulic(L&T,ARBURG,ECGEL make machines ),Electric type (FACUN make machine )

Laxmi Electronics Moulds and Precision Engineering Pvt. Ltd/ Mold Maker
April 2008-July2010, BANGALORE, INDIA
Key clients
BAKER- Digital Vernier caliper part moulds
ABB- Electric Connector base housing part moulds
SEC-Medical moulds and LEGRACD switch socket moulds
NPD projects of SCHNEIDER MNB,RNNB, Nircuit baker moluds
Mould Making
Raw material selection ,pre heat treatment process
Electrode planning ,NCN, Wire cut ,Sparking process planning
Planning of all Machining Process on mould parts
Mould matching ,Mould trial ,part approval& Mould dispatch
Worked in different types of hot runner moulds, Problem identification &Trouble shooting
Worked in Autcad 2d&PrE 3d software for all moulds machining process follow up ,electrode planning ,Design review
Flash correction ,Dimension correction
Worked in customer plants for NPD part mold problem rectification ,correction and part
Worked in making of different types of injection moulds (Lifer mould,cam actuating mould,
stripper mould ,hot runner mould ) with different material (pc,Cylon66,ABS,PP)

Master craft Engineers Pvt. Ltd/ Trainee tool /Mold Maker
(June 2006-June 2007 June 2007)- Implant training
(June 2007 March 2008)- Employee, BANGALORE, INDIA
Key clients
Honda-lance moulds and Panasonic Jar mould
Pricol- pointer moulds
TGKL-Reflector moulds and TAPAS- Front panel mould
IJL Lance ,reflector moulds
Manufacturing ,Maintenance and Troubleshooting of moulds
Worked in making of Heater molds with triangular lifer ejector moulds

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