Ref. No. : CA - 29242 - (Dispatch Stores Logistics & Commercial – with 5.2 years in Plastic Industry)


M.B.A. General Management Anna University Centre For Distance Education, Chennai 2018 60%

Skill Sets

Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Window S8, 8.1, Windows 10 &10.1

Confidence, Time Management, Self-management Skills, Friendliness Manner, Ambition, Focus & Common Sense, Situational Awareness, Optimism, Empathy.

Work Experience

Team Associate – Supervisor Cum Assistant Manager
June 2018 to October 2020
Job Profile :
Maintained Zero Variance In Last 3 Quarterly Audits.
Maintained Stock Control Systems For Accuracy And Future Planning Of Storage Capacity.
Maintained Warehouse Workflow And Redesigned Space For New Equipment Or Maximization Of Current Processes. Supervise Inventory Management And Control Stock Excess Or Short Flow.
Implementing Precautionary Actions By Conducting Weekly, Monthly And Quarterly Audits.
Improve Operational Efficiency Across Warehouse Processes Maintaining Budgetary Goals And Company Objectives.
Implemented Daily Consolidated Audit, Put Away Audit & Touch Bin.
At The Time Of Dispatch Conducting Pick Audit To Control The Excess Or Short Loading Of Materials. Supervise Activities Of All Workers And Assign Tasks Based On An Individual’s Skill set.
Working In GMP- Goods Manufacturing Process Team As A Team Associate – Supervisor; Managing 10-15 Contract Labour Members And Maintaining The Employee Grievance Record
Taking Care Of Finished Goods; Raw Materials; Packing Materials.
Dispatch Plan –
East Location – Guwahati; Patna; Ranchi; Cuttack; Kolkata-elite; Siluguri
North Location –Newdelhi; Rohtak; Jammu; Zirakhpur; Jaipur; Sahibabad; gaziabad; Lucknow;
West Location – Raipur; Ahmedabad; Goa; Pune; Taloja; Nagpur; Indore Plant Location – Taloja; New Mumbai ;
Export Location – Bangladesh; Nepal; Pakistan; Srilanka; Nigeria
South Location – Hyderabad; Guntur; Vijayawada; Cochin- Shreeji;
Bangalore - tcl; Chennai; Coimbatore

Management Trainee
June 2016 to May 2018
Job Profile :
First We Should Adhere The Standardized Operating Procedure (Sop) Of Our Management And Need To Go Ahead And Implement It And Implementing Cvap Ideas To Reduce Place Consumption. Working In Psld Team As A Material Planner; Managing 4-5 Contract Labor Members And Maintaining The Employee Grievance Record.
Performing Mis Executive Operation While Needed With Vlookup & Documentation Process. Software Application / Console Used Like - Cmms3 - Common Material Management System
Creating New Part Number With Concern Vendor Code With Sophisticated Racf ID And Produced In Advance Shipping Note Or Manual Advance Shipping Note In CMMS3.
Oversee Entire Inbound, Repacking, Vanning And Outbound Operations And Managing Day To Day Operation OF 1, 25,000 SQ. FT. Warehouse
Informs Ford For Discrepancies / Damages (Within Warehouse Before Stuffing)
Creation And Circulation On Ispr Reports Timely For Improper Packaging Goods And For Damaged Receiving Shipments.
TDL (Transit Damage Loss / Box Buldge / IPPC Stamp Pallet / ISPR If Not Available Should Be Audited By SCM / Supplier By 24HR(LOCAL) / 48HR (Out-station) There Representative Of Other Branch Will Reach Us.
Provide Part/package Dimensions And Weight To Npm Coordinator For Further Packaging Process For Urgent Air Freight Shipments; To Ensure The Inbound Acceptance Checklist Is Complied.
Inventory & Warehouse Management Good Co-ordination With Inward & Outward Customers.
Stock Reconciliation Is The Process Of Counting And Evaluating Material/products, Periodically And At Year End In Order To: Keep The Actual Physical Stock Count And Book Stock Count In Sync. Value The Stock For Preparation Of The Accounting Statements.
Maintaining 5s’ Process (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, And Sustain) & Kaizen In The Warehouse.
Reporting Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Reports To The Management On The Shift Basis (Manual Reports - Presentation With Spreadsheet Details).
INCO Terms- International Commercial Terms Used In 5 Modes Of Transportation – AIR, SEA, SEA-LCL, ROAD, RAIL, PIPELINE; SEA MODE – Free Alongside Ship (FAS), Free On Board (FOB), Cost And Freight (CFR), Cost Insurance & Freight (CIF); Other Mode Of Transport – EX-WORKS (EX-W), Free Carrier (FCA), Carriage Paid To (CPT), CArriage & Insurance Paid To (CIP), Delivered At Terminal (DAT), DElivered At
Place(DAP), Delivered Duty Paid(DDP)
Pre Shipment Export Documents Procedure – Letter Of Credit, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate Of Origin, Bill Of LADING, BILL OF Exchange, Export Promotion Copy Of Shipping Bill, Forwarders Receipt, Pre Shipment Inspection, Mate’s Receipt
Post Shipment Export Documents Procedure – Bill Of Lading, Bill Of Exchange, Export Promotion Copy.
Export Procedure And Document Related To Goods – Invoice, Packing Note & List, Certificate Of Origin, Mate Receipt, Shipping Bill, And Cart Ticket, Certificate Of Measurement, Bill Of Lading, And Airway Bill. Document Related To Payment – Letter Of Credit, Bill Of Exchange – Drawer, Drawee, Payee, Endorser, Sight & Usance Bill Of Exchange, Clean Bill Of Exchange, Documentary Bill Of Exchange, Trust Receipt, Letter Of Hypothecation, Bank Certificate Of Payment, Certificate Of Inspection.

Document Specialist
May 2015 to June 2016
Company Name : I Marquee Solutions,
Job Profile :
Troubleshooting Errors In Data Conversion Applications Auditing And Re Auditing In The Data Conversion. Documents Consolidated Files With Pre-defined Software.
Worked In Coordination With Executives And Leaders To Achieve the Targets Before Deadlines. Performing Mis Executive Operation While Needed With v look up & Documentation Process. Troubleshooting Errors In Coupon Console Applications
Posting Coupons In Merchandise Website And Clip Deals.

Data Conversion Specialist
April 2014 to May 2015
Company Name : HTC Global Services
Job Profile :
Troubleshooting Errors In Data Conversion Applications Auditing And Re Auditing In The Data Conversion.
Worked In Coordination With Executives And Leaders To Achieve the Targets Before Deadlines. Performing MIS Executive Operation While Needed With v lookup & Documentation Process. Troubleshooting Errors In Coupon Console Applications
Posting Coupons In Merchandise Website And Clip Deals
Monitored The Documenting Queries On A Daily Basis To Prepare Reports Accordingly In Online & Offline. Attended Client Call In Weekly And Monthly Basis.

Workshop Attended : Hardware And Networking, Red Hat Linux Company, Cns Lab, Windows 8, Web Entrepreneurship

Conference Attended: Won Second Prize In National Conference On Data Mining And Knowledge Engineering In Srm University , Chennai

In Plant Training: Attended In Plant Training On Dotnet Technology In Hclcareer Development Centre, Tambaram.

Core Competencies:
Warehouse & Logistics Management
Stock Reconciliation
Management Reports In Office Tools, ERP & WMS Skills Analytical, Problem Solving And Decision-making.
Organization And Time Management. Ability To Work Any Situation, Continuous Self- Improvement.
Sku Audits; Supervising The Activities Of Labour And Builders.

Future Goals

Over 6 Years 10 Months Expertise In Warehousing, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Control, Stock Reconciliation, Erp & Cmms Software Safety And Facility Management And Its Industry And Backend Process Of Epublishing. Currently Seeking The Opportunity To Work In Supply Chain Organization Which Utilizes My Knowledge And Experience.

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