Ref. No. : CA - 20527 - (Production - Moulding – with 30.4 years in Plastic Industry)


PGD-PE From CIPET, Hyderabad, in 1994 with 70%

B.Tech (Mech) From KITS, Kakatiya University Warangal, in 1992 with 55%

Diploma (Mech) From Govt.Polytechnic, State Board Of Technical Education in 1987 with 65%

S.S.C From Z.P.S.H High School, State Board of Secondary Education in 1984 with 55%

Skill Sets

Involved in Maintenance & Production in national and international manufacturing Industries. Production of plastics products - Industrial, house hold, health care and Automotive, and plastics processing with exposure to polyolefin and engineering plastics materials.
Also In-depth Exposure To Injection Molding, Extrusion Blow Molding, Blown Film, Sheet And Pipe Extrusion And Eps Molding Machines Including Roboting, And Plant Utilities (Chilling Plant, Cooling Towers, Compressor, Generator Etc.)
Practiced & Planned Preventive And Breakdown Activities Covering Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Mechanical, And Electrical Maintenance.
A brief of some of my strategic skills are outlined here under for your kind reference.
Production planning & control, Plastics processing, Material management, Logistics, Team management, Strong inter personnel skills, Maintain quality standards, Business development, Sincere & diligent, Erection &commissioning., Prevent

Work Experience

Sr. Manager - Operation/Maintenance
Since Dec 2013
Company Profile: Manufacturer of Nylon Compounding, HDPE Pipe, Drip Irrigation, Automotive Parts, Medical Specialties and Pharmaceutical Packaging, Electrical Fittings, and Complex Caps and Closures.
Job Profile:
Nature of Job:
Commissioning & start up activity and Maintenance the Haitian MA series and IA series (china) 120 ton to 1600 ton (around 76 machine’s) and Milacron, Electron model (all electric, China), 110 Ton to 450 Ton machine, and Pet all IBM machine from 250 to 800 and also UNILOY EBM machine from 600 and 800 ton.
Commissioning & startup activity and Maintenance of SEPRO robot 3 axis.(IVth generation)
Commissioning & start up and Maintenance IES Chiller (700 TR) (Canada) and Air compressor Atlas Copco (GA 160 & 250 GA and ZR 250).
Maintenance the Shini conveyors and MTC.
Maintenance the Hot runner controller system for Husky (altanium matrix model), and Fast heat, and also resource rigidity).
Commissioning and Maintenance the MSK packaging & Wrapping machines.
Commissioning the material air dryer system.(dry air)
New implement exposure about plant electrical modification as per the production team requirement.

Technical Exposure:
Hands on experience of Milacron (all electric) and Haitian injection molding machines, and also Uniloy EBM and Pet all IBM machines. And also SEPRO robot for trouble shooting Electrical & PLC and troubleshooting the hydraulics and pneumatics systems..
Trouble shooting the IES chiller systems for electrical (transducer, sensor, flow valve, and Oil heaters and auxiliaries pumps and condenser fan motors) and mechanical (checking the periodically for circulation pump alignment and monitoring the vibration).
Trouble shooting and adjust & monitoring the process parameters setting’s in ATLAS COPCO air compressor’s (GA160, GA250, ZR250).
Trouble shooting and maintenance the 4.16 kV, Motor control circuit (MCC) panels and Switch boards.
Maintenance activity of 34.5 kV transformers’.
About Knowledge in LTT.

Department Monitoring And Activities:
Maintain all machine breakdown detail’s and updated the report’s and m/c history cards.
Planning and scheduling the machine preventive and predictive maintenance.
Planning and scheduling the machine & utility’s and mold maintenance.(daily, Monthly, Quarterly, annual maintenance).
Making the monthly breakdown details and monthly adherence report for MRM meeting.
Evaluate and making the report for outsource servicing.(HVAC systems).
Major machine breakdown or some modification on machine side, online contact with Machine maker.
Planning and scheduling the monthly shift roast for Maintenance team.
Coordinating project commissioning – startup- production trials.
Coordinating with production planning & control
Organization of spare parts according to plant.
Effective preventive maintenance planning with effective machine utilization.
Budget planning
Coordinating with operations to eliminate existing gaps between maintenance and machine availability to operations.
Technical support for commissioning & startup team.
Plan and organize resources for effective utilization.

Plant Manager - Production / Maintenance
Feb 2012 to Dec 2013
Company Profile: Manufacturer of House hold plastics products, having the wide range of house hold items with lids and and cap (closures) for mineral/ drinking water bottles.
Jobs Profile: 
Maintenance the AD FCS-850 ton (Italy) fully automatic injection molding machine for chair mold and containers, Negribossi 430 ton, 550 ton for produce kitchen essentials, kidsplus, Windsor sprint H-450 for produce various types of kitchen ware base, coffe mugs-cups,L&T 350 ton,L&T 500 ton for produce varies types of caps & closures and seal/lids
Husky hy-cap fully automatic with cap closure, Yushin robots.
Maintenance Chillers, green box, and Compressor Atlas copco (GA 45 ff).
Maintenance the husky material conveying systems. Granulating machines.
Maintenance the husky hot runner’s system molds
Maintenance the various range of  mold (96 cavity’s) husky mold (72 cavity), cap closure mold(48cavity’s)
CAT-350KVA, CAT-500KVA Generators.                                                           
Technical exposure:
Hands on experience on injection molding machines and caps & closures husky hot runner molds. 
Hydraulic and pneumatic system’s valves and cylinder’s servicing and repairing. (Moog, rexorth, tokimec, toyo, and etc.,)
Trouble shooting and AMC servicing the chiller’s for top up the gas and oil.
Trouble shooting and AMC servicing the compressor.
Over haul servicing the husky mold (96 cavities ,72 cavities) and as per production plan changing the core, cavity’s & neck ring’s, and valve stumper, Checked and changing the hot runner and manifold heaters

Plant monitoring and activities:
Maintain all machine breakdown detail’s and updated the report’s and history cards.
Maintain the all mould history cards and report’s updated.
Planning and scheduling the machine and mold preventive and predictive maintenance.
Conditional monitoring and daily basis auxiliaries’ readings are updated.  (Chillers, pumps, machines).
Planning and scheduling the machine & utility’s and mold maintenance.(daily,
Monthly, Quarterly, annual maintenance).
Evaluate the monthly breakdown details and monthly adherence report for MRM meeting.
Evaluate and making the report for outsource servicing. (Chiller’s, centralized A/c,).
Machine spare parts are stock maintain & cost control
Production planning & control
Preparation of annual budget plan and proper utilization plan for spare parts.
Review meetings with team/staff to develop product & its quality to meet customers’ satisfaction.
Achieving monthly production targets within wastage control limits.
Project development
Business development

Factory Manager -  Production / Maintenance 
Jan 2006 to Feb 2012
Company Name: Al-Emad International Industries Food.
Company Profile: Manufacturer Of Injection, Extrusion blow, blown film plastics carry bags, Molded products in a plastics division (consumable, house hold, and Food packaging bags, PET stretch blow bottles etc.
Jobs Profile:
Maintenance injection molding machines. (Krauss maffei 140 ton to 280 ton), Jet master 178 ton -468 ton). Ferromatic Milacron (660-ton). PET (SBO) machines.8 stations (1.5 liters bottle single cavity and 8 stations (250ml bottle- double cavities (SIDEL), blown film extruders, rotogravure printing machines and bag making machines. Tube extrusion and corrugated machines.
Husky, A&W hot runner molds 48 cavities, 32 cavities.
Maintenance of utility’s pivon chiller’s (125tr), and Elgi & Ingersoll-Rand air compressors, and material conveying systems and pivon dehumidifier.
Maintenance of caps assembly machine (Holland make,)
Maintenance of all hydraulic systems
Installation & commissioning of new machines.
Maintain Yusin robots with injection molding machines.

Technical exposure:
Hand’s on experience on Krauss maffei, SBO, Jet master, Ferromatic Milacron(omega).and pivon chiller,elgi & IR compressor,(mechanical and electrical)
Maintenance on hydraulic systems, and servicing the (directional control valves and propositional control valve’s, mold clamping hydraulic cylinder, injection unit hydraulic cylinder.
Knowledge about PLC wiring trouble shooting. (timer, counter,relay).

Plant Monitoring and Activities’: 
To maintain the Machine breakdown report’s.
To reduce the machine breakdown time and increase the production efficiency.
Planning & scheduling the preventive and annual maintenance on the machine.
Conditional monitoring the utility’s. (Chiller, compressor, dryer).
Stock Maintain the machine spare parts.
Streamline operations to improve productivity and plant efficiency.
Production planning & control.
Total quality management (TQM) 
Budget planning & monitoring variance
Implementing good manufacturing practices           Held review schedules for overall operational activities.
Monitoring & controlling the product output quality.
Controlling of maintenance costing & spare parts for molding machines and hot runner molds
Successfully executed the production within agreed time schedule without cost over runs
Preparing yearly CAPEX budget plan and achieving overall productivity with in the 
Project development-Machine installation, commissioning and startup activities.
Business development. 

Factory Manager
Feb 2002 to Dec 2005. 
Company Name: Krakra Plastics Industries Limited
Company Profile: Manufacturer of injection molded house hold and Industrial products, also blow molding jerry cans 1 ltr-25 liters and 50ltrs-
220 ltrs L-ring & water drums, PVC/CPVC pipes and fittings. Also Extrusion of PVC & Aluminum door profiles.
Jobs Profile: 
Troubleshooting and Maintenance of the Injection molding machines (Windsor SPH 130 ton-SPH 1000 ton, Ferromatic Milacron (Omega-250 ton, Omega 350 ton), YanHing 200 ton, 500 ton, TM 7.5 ton-10 ton, CNP (1-25 liter), Jag Mohan(50-220litre) extrusion blow molding machine, PVC pipe extrusion, air compressors, Generators CAT-500KVA, Perkinson-350KVA
General Maintenance and troubleshooting of Material conveying motan system
Development, troubleshooting and maintenance of relay logic control circuit using various contactors, timers, counters and different types of process interlocks.
Maintenance of hydraulic, Pneumatic systems.

Technical Exposure:
Hands on Experience of following plastics production machines.
(Windsor SPH 130 ton - SPH 1000 ton, Ferromatic Milacron (Omega - 250 ton, Omega 350 ton), Yan Hing 200ton,500ton,TM 75 ton-120 ton, CNP (1-25 liter), Jag Mohan (50 - 220 litre) extrusion blow molding machine, PVC pipe extrusion, and Yushin robot’s And MTC maintenance.

Plant Monitoring Activities’
Conditions Monitoring of the plant equipment to reduce maintenance down time.
Modification of the machine’s according to process requirement.
To maintain the break down record & chart’s of the different machine’s year, month & data wise.
Check up the machine’s condition for safety operation, and maintain strict conformance    to all applicable health and security regulations and maintain housekeeping at all time.
Production planning & control the entire methodology of plastics processing for qualitative output.       Implemented ISO-9002 quality systems and ensured strict adherence to procedures.
Streamlined logistics - warehousing, transportation, packaging, dispatch etc. to drive Overall operational economy.                     
Propagated planned and preventive maintenance for maximum availability and utilization of machines.   Overseen profit & loss accounts balance sheet and entire administration of the factory. 
Contributed in sales and business development by making technical presentations.
TQM and vender development.
Interacted with customers and suppliers, maintain co. finance & accounts, marketing, and run the entire plant independently.
Business development.

Plant In-charge - Production / Maintenance 
Feb 1999 to Jan 2002
Company Name: Al - Watania Plastics
Company Profile: ISO-9002 certified company.
Jobs Profile: 
Formulating production planning & control.
Maintain quality as per international and SASO standards for final products.
Assumed full responsibility for Errection and Commissioning of machines, Practiced preventive and predictive maintenance of mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics for following machines Injection moulding (Negribossi 45ton, Bone cravens 120 ton, 170ton, 325ton, 1000ton, Engel 275ton, 1200ton).
Blow moldings.(2ltr - 10ltr)-B&W and fisher W Muller
Thermoforming. - (Illig)
Foam plant (EPS).-Berstorff 
Film extruders.- Bandera, Reifnauser, Kuhne, Pal kiefel
PVC extruders, PVC silos, PVC compounding machines. (DSK-52, DSK-62, DS-100) twin conical screw (Maplan, kraussmaffei) extruders.
Rotational molding machines (4 ARMS).
Flexible packaging machines (CI drum-10 color, Cerruti-8 color, Rotogravure printers, Metalizing, bag cutting machines, and utilities etc. 
Recycling machines (EREMA)
Servicing Machines related to all Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic problems.
Up gradation and modification of Machine as per Customer requirement. 
Conducting Training Program about Machine. 
Machine Sales and Marketing.

Interaction with project management group, Site supervising for extension of plant.
Erection and pre commissioning of the Field instruments, control valves, signal checking 
Attending trouble shooting on calls and Machine installations.
Making report for machine Installation, Service, annual maintenance and breakdown maintenance. 
All type of Maintenance work like Annual Maintenance, Half Yearly Maintenance of Machine.

Plastics Molding Engineer
Aug 1994 to Jan 1999.
Company Name: Bright Brothers Ltd. 
Company Profile: Manufacturer of injection molded automotive and engineering consumable plastics products. (Automobile, TV, house hold products supplies to leading companies like Voltas, Bajaj Auto, Telco, Onida, Optanica Etc.
Jobs Profile: 
Regularly achieved production targets with strict quality standards and control manpower.
Support in production planning.
Motivated and educated about ISO-9000 to the shop floor manpower to achieve targets with less wastage. Ensured trouble - free functioning of machines by systematically handling.
Mechanical, hydraulics, electrical maintenance of injection molding machines, utilities,
Hot runner molds and also Acrylic painting & UV painting of molded cabinets dept.
Shift handling, production and maintenance.
Involved in Annual maintenance and preventive & predictive maintenance.
And also worked in sister concern company belongs to this origination 
mfrs.of syringes, medical disposables, soft PVC tube extrusion, moldings and rubber moldings and profiles.

Technical Knowledge About Hydraulics And Pneumatics:
Trouble Shooting Of Hydraulic Power Pack System’s, Such As Flow Control  Valve’s, Pressure Control Control Valve’s, And Directional Control Valve’s, And Servicing For Hydraulic Cylinder To Changing The Seal Kit’s And Servicing Pneumatic Cylinder, Hydraulic Oil Filters And Filter Regulator Lubricant Unit (Frl) Trouble Shooting Hydraulic Motors And Pumps. I Have Handling & Maintenance Hydraulic Pressing System’s.

Technical Knowledge About Electrical And Electronic:
I Know That Electrical Trouble Shooting, Such As Contact Relay, Contactors, Magnetic Switches, And Checking Batteries (12 To 48 Volts) Capacity
Trouble Shooting Of Electrical Wiring, And Motors Such As 3 Phase Ac And Dc Motors And Knowledge In Electronics. 

Technical Knowledge About Mechanical Drives
Trouble Shooting And Repair Of Gear Transmission, Belt Transmission, Bearings, Linkages, Steering Linkages, Springs, Pulleys, Over Haul Automobile Hydraulic Brake System Like Brake Shoe Replacing, Cylinder Changing, And Seal Kit Changing.

Future Goals

To contribute towards the growth of the organization while simultaneously achieving my personal goals and aspiring towards excellence in the field of mechanical engineering & plastics technology

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