Ref. No. : CA - 31094 - (Production - Compounds & Masterbatch – with 7.5 years in Plastic Industry)


Skill Sets

Other skills :
Cad / cam
Msword , excel

Work Experience

Senior Engineer
From 16 Nov 2020 to present
Company profile-Manufacturer of PE , PP Masterbatch and pvc compounding Masterbatch by twin screw extrusion molding process .

Job profile :
Responsible for production planning and quality effectiveness of product .
Raw material safety storage management & hazardous free management
as per ISO standard & specifications .
Maintain quality as per ISO standards and specification .
Responsible for process flow parameters setting & reduce material
wastage .
Machine along with auxiliary equipments maintenance and mould maintenance .

Polymer Engineer
From 10 December 2018 To 7 October 2020
Company profile- Manufacturer of black , white , colour Masterbatch and additive Masterbatch by twin
screw extrusion moulding process technology

Job profile-
Responsible for batch mixer preparation by compounding with right proportion
of additives .
Incoming raw material inspection , colour matching , mfi test , UTM test , filler
content test conducting .
Manpower supervising , M/C operating by setting process flow parameter and
responsible for quality effectiveness of products
ISO documentation by following all standard meet , maintain ISO 9000 for
quality management system & ISO 14000 for environment and hazardeous free
management .
Responsible for raw material safety storage management , machine
maintenance & for quality effectiveness of product by process optimization

Polymer Engineer
From 13 may 2014 to 11 November 2018
Sparsh polychem Pvt ltd

Job profile:
Responsible for quality effectiveness of product , production process flow parameters control .

Incoming raw material inspection , Sample prepare , conduct MFI test , tensile strength , elongation by UTM , Impact test by impactometer , ash content test for check filler content as per ASTMD standard & specification .

Manpower supervising , raw material storage management , reduce waste managememt as per ISO standard & specification .

Responsible for production planning and quality control .

Work on new product development as per customers demand & application .

Made research on PP with different % talc filled , % glass filled and PA with different % glass filled and PC + ABS blend of different percentage .

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