Ref. No. : JA - 5862 - Sales Manager – Marketing Sales Service - Plastics Products at Plastemart, Chennai

Job Description

Achieve your sales target by maintaining your customer base and managing the customer relations executives successfully.
Manage and grow the existing base of customers by maintaining a rapport.
Develop sales strategies to acquire new customers or clients.
Design and implement a strategic business plan that expands the company’s customer base and ensures its strong presence.
Set targets, performance plans, and rigorous, objective standards for sales representatives.
Meet with reps one-on-one weekly to review performance, progress, and targets.
Deliver deep performance reviews for each individual rep once or twice per year.
Own objectives setting, training, and performance monitoring of sales representatives.
Build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs.
Present sales, revenue, and expenses reports and realistic forecasts to the management team.
Identify emerging markets and market shifts while being fully aware of new products and competition status.
Determine and assign sales quotas, targets, and/or goals. Project and forecast annual and quarterly revenue and for one or more sales territories.
Help in improving processes so we always optimize for better customer experience.
Identify patterns and help in making our product and support systems better as we scale.

Attitude: optimistic, team player, self-motivated, optimistic, well dressed, extroverts, ready to listen, emphatic

Skill: team management, persuasion, negotiation, leadership, responsibility, decision making, time management, Microsoft office tools, communication, conflict management, adaptable, target-oriented

About Company

Leading manufacturer of various Plastic Closures equipped with state of the art technology, Sophisticated All-Electric Machines and High Speed Moulding Machinery, with a world class manufacturing process using Multi Cavity Moulds (16/32/32) backed by Hot Runner Technology.

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