Ref. No. : CA - 31138 - (Quality - Injection Moulding – with 6.5 years in Plastic Industry)


Diploma in Plastics Technology (DPT) (74.1%)

Skill Sets

• Microsoft Office (2007 & 2010)
• Operating system (XP, Vista, W7, W10)

• Processing instruments
• Testing equipment
• Plastic materials (PP, LDPE, HDPE, PMMA, ABS, SAN) • Recycling methodologies
• Post reaction techniques of polypropylene (PP)
• Moulds types, assembling and disassembling
• Preventive maintenance
• Knowledge of 6S, TPM

Work Experience

Project Assistant (Plastic Engineer)
From 23rd March 2020-Present
Company profile- develop innovative & path breaking technologies and products.

Job profile-
Handling of all processing instruments: injection moulding machine, twin screw extrusion, compression moulding, torque rheomixer, single screw extrusion cast & blown film machine
• Testing of PP/PE based samples with various additives: Tensile testing, flexural testing, impact testing, shore hardness, rockwell hardness, heat deflection temperature (HDT)/ VICAT softening temperature (VSP), melt flow index (MFI), dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), coefficient of friction, contact angle measurement, film shrinkage testing, UV weatherometer studies
• Development of recycling methodology for in-house plastic waste for preparation of plastic bricks: Collection, sorting, washing, shredding, segregation and processing of plastic waste to make end-use product (bricks and tiles)
• Data compilations of various test results as per respective projects

Quality Shift Engineer
From 15th April 2019 - 4 th March 2020
Company profile- leading Manufacture of a wide range of Cosmetic Jars, Plastic Bottles

Job profile-
• Worked on various plastic materials such as PMMA, ABS, SAN
• Inspecting/ controlling of quality of processes
• Responsible for planning the production processes and handling of man power activities
• Making Reports like COA, Online Inspection Report, Daily Production Report and Operator Work Grade Report in excel format in daily basis
• Handling dispatch activities of respective products

Quality Engineer
All Time Plastic India Pvt Ltd, Silvassa 22nd Aug 2018-3 rd April 2019
• Worked on production of various plastic materials such as PP, LDPE
• Inspecting/controlling the quality of products in online process such as injection moulding
• Checking the quality of incoming process
• Resolving problems of various product raised by the vendors

Quality & Production shift In-charge
Alpla India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad 1 st June 2017–3 rd Aug 2018
• Worked on production of various plastic materials such as PP, LDPE
• Reporting of daily production activities carried out to Production Manager
• Handling of shift activities for every employee
• Fully Responsible for handling the production processes and man power efficiently
• In-charge of operating injection moulding machine and designing of equipment while optimizing various processes for different products
• Preparing documentation regarding injection moulding process, process parameters, appropriate material to be used, troubleshooting, etc.
• Preparing Daily Production Report (DPR) Report shift wise
• Preparing Non-confirmation Report (NC) reports in daily basis

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