Ref. No. : CA - 32640 - (Production - Compounds & Masterbatch ā€“ with 8 years in Plastic Industry)


Completed M.SC in Polymer Science from Mohanlal Sukhadiya University, Udaipur
Completed B.Sc. in Polymer Science [Delhi University] FROM Bhaskaracharya college of applied Science Dwarka, New Delhi
Completed 10+2 [B.S.E.B.] FROM Gaya College, Gaya
10th [B.S.E.B.] FROM J.D.P.S. DANGRA

Skill Sets

Technical Knowledge:-
Having knowledge of processing machine-
Injection molding machine
Twins screw machine and all types of part Elements (75,55,35,) Heater thermocouple PID etc
Extrusion Machine
Two Roll mill
Compression Molding etc.
Having knowledge of Testing Process-
Choroma meter for colour matching
Notch cutter
Izod charpy impact Tester
UL- 94
Tensile Testing
MFI etc

Work Experience

R&D/Production/Lab executive
From : 08/2022 to till date
Company Profile : Manufacturer of Chemical Products for a Water Treatment Applications.

R&D (Research and development) production
09/2019 TO 08/2022
Company profile- leading manufacturers, exporter, supplier of all type of Engineering Plastic compounds.

R&D( Research and Development )and production
1.5 year experience
Company profile- leading Manufacturer and Wholesaler of ABS Granules, PCP Granules, Polycarbonate Granule

Job Profile :
Color Matching all thermoplastic and Lab testing For use
Cromameter impact Testing tensile Testingetc
Reporting and all type of documentation work
Some knowledge of maintenance:-
Corrective maintenance to single screw and twin screw for changing elimant, Elimant design
Corrective maintenance for moulding machine etc
Color matching for all
Engineering plastic
Experience In for use chroma meter
Plastics R&Dā€“ PCPE, PP, Nylon,PBT & PCMB &Compounds
Experience in for Impact Testing machine
Experienced for Tensile strength Testing machine
Experience for single and Twins Screw machine

Theoretical knowledge Chroma meter (for colour matching)
Thermal by DSC( Tg , Tm & Curing kinetics study of Epoxy) &TGA Analytical: FTIR,UV-,Mechanical by UTM - Tensile, ILSS, Fracture Toughness & Fatigue Morphology by POM ,SEM, IR based Thermal Imaging/Analysis
Experience Composites Manufacturing ā€“ polymer granule in different properties and colours & Polymer - Twin- Screw Extrude for Compounding ,MFI and moulding machine

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