Ref. No. : JA - 6453 - Production Head - Zipper – Production - Extrusion at Plastemart Jobs, Palghar

Job Description

Meet Production Targets
"(i) Identifying build to order and make to stock daily / weekly / monthly production cycle
(ii) Plan daily production cycle to ensure no machine is left vacant
(iii) Identify resource requirements like raw material / other materials, manpower, machines and make necessary arrangements
(iv) Collaborate with PPC & Purchase / Stores to ensure RM & other materials are procured and provisioned as per requirement
(v) Work with team to plan & execute shift wise production cycle to furnish the orders"

Ensure Product Quality
"(i) Set up the Productions systems for Zipper and Zipattach
(ii)Design minimum quality standards post every step of production
(iii) Work with QC team to implement the set quality standards
(iv) Ensure random checks at the end of every process, on every machine to confirm adherence to standards
(v) Ensure final quality test on each SFG before it is sent to next process
(vi)Work in coordination with Quality Team for Accreditations"

Cost Efficiency / Management
"(i) Use' Methods of analysis' (alternate & analysed methods) in order to ensure minimum wastage of raw material
(ii) Upkeep of machines by regular maintenance activities to save repair cost and to maintain consistency on product quality
(iii) Plan Kaizans on machines, processes, dyes / moulds, etc., to ensure improvement in production cycle (efficiency), timelines and quality
(iv) Work with HR & all HODs to minimize cost on manpower requirement with accurate planning, considering daily production output "
Productivity & Manpower Availability
"(i) Set systems in the department to develop and train people.
(ii)Work machine wise statistics annually / need based for temporary manpower requirement.
(iii) Daily review the manpower availability on shop floor against the defined statistics and targetted production forecast, inform HR in case of discrepancy
(iv) Support HR in managing the temporary workforce to reduce attrition / absenteeism
(v) Implement techniques for measuring level of performance by each worker in each shift, ""Work Measurement""
(vi) Motivate / Guide / Support temporary workforce to consistently perform above the minimum levels marked by work measurement techniques
(vii) Train / develop temporary workforce to operate machines and increase efficiency "

Monthly MIS
"(i) Create, analyse and discuss (submit) following daily / monthly MISs to increase work efficiency:
a. Daily pending order status with aeging and machine wise planning
b. Daily production target vs actual by machine and for the department (Meters & KG)
c. Daily wastage, target vs actual (total & by machine), reasonings for wastage higher than defined accepted levels and action plan to reduce wastage
d. Daily ERP entry status target vs actual, reasoning in case of discrepancies
e. Daily monitoring of access material (FG) with reasoning, weekly & monthly trend analysis (Trends would include no. of instances & quantity in KG)
f. Daily monitoring on deviations (quantity of material gone for re-work)
g. Daily downtime report (machine wise & total) with reasons
h. Weekly customer (internal & external) complaints analysis and action taken
i. Monthly analysis on total department cost (Manpower, Electricity, Repair & Maintenance, etc.) "

Engineering & Maitenance (de-bottle neck)
"(i) Discuss bottle necks / issues with R&D team and support them in the entire process of re-engineering / refurbishing of existing machines / tools for increasing efficiency
(ii) Work with Maintenance team to plan the monthly schedule of maintenance activities ensuring no production loss
(ii) Co-create checklist of minimum checks on each machine during maintenance phase and oversee the maintenance ouput
(iii) Ensure machines are safe enough for human operations"

Marketing and Business Development
"(i) Work with customer for technical assistance pre or post supply of the material
(ii) Monitor Performance of the new products pouch in the market (Feed back)
(iii) Conduct research and analyse data to identify and define audiences
(iv) Present projects to clients and work with them to strategize and improve the material according to their needs
(v) Update databases using a customer relationship management (CRM) system
(vi) Build brand/ Products  awareness through various media outlets
(vii) Assist in development of multiple zippers and implement at customer level.
(viii) Lead and Conduct trials of new development even at pouching end"

"1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, preferrably local language.
2. Excellent interpersonal, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.
3. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
4. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
5. Ability to prioritize tasks and consistently meet deadlines
6. Ability to act with integrity, professionalism, and confidentiality.
7. Thorough knowledge

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