Ref. No. : JA - 6096 - Polymer Engineer – Designer & Product Developer at , Pune

Job Description

Reviewing customer's input / ensuring adequacy of the inputs
Planning and monitoring the design activities
Splitting the product form (A surface) into number of parts considering factors like manufacturing feasibility, assembly, serviceability and functionality
Designing injection moulded plastic parts
Knowledge of design and moulding parameters like draft, undercuts, textures, parting line, part ejection, gate position etc.
Knowledge and selection of plastic materials
Knowledge of other engineering manufacturing process.
Knowledge of injection moulding process, mould construction and its implications on component quality and function
Knowledge of tolerances, mating surfaces, shut line, GD & T, creating 2D drawings.
Experience in designing sheet metal and metal parts
Interest in developing new ideas, mechanisms, functions as per product requirements
Working knowledge of FMEA, DFM, VA/VE, Mould flow etc.
Design validation / proof of principle by prototyping
Participation in design reviews with customers
Clarity & good Communication with customers and suppliers
Documentation (Design history file) and safety of the data
Maintaining confidentiality of current, future and past projects
Ability to co-ordinate with customers independently

Knowledge: SolidWorks

About Company

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