Ref. No. : JA - 4245 - Operator – Operators and Fitters at SPEAREPET PRIVATE LIMITED, Hyderabad

Job Description

We require Operator for manufacturing PET SHEET Mono Layer and Multi layer on European Extrusion Line with 1500 MM Width & Output 200 Tons a Month.

He should have at least 3- 5 Yrs of experience in extrusion of Pet or other Polymer Sheet production with Operational Knowledge on Vacuum forming / Thermoforming machines.

About Company

State-of-the-art customized equipment used by Spearepet pvt ltd ensures rolls of sheet are usable from the outer layer all the way to the core. The end result is an APET sheet with superior gauge control, gloss and transparency, providing more rapid cycle times, higher yields, better end tray quality and lower cost.

The companys plant is the first to be developed that is dedicated fully to APET production from resin to sheet. This is in contrast to the existing state of the industry, where resin engineered primarily for beverage bottles, is also used for thermoforming.

Our strategy is to rationalize the production process, provide cost-efficiencies for thermoformers and packagers, and a sheet that delivers the most aesthetically appealing package possible. Our approach addresses the longstanding deficiencies that have hampered the large-scale expansion of APET as a packaging substrate.

Spearepet focus on APET sheet responds to converging global trends of consumer lifestyles that increasingly demand convenience packaging and the industrys growing need for increased scale and improved economics.

APET sheet is the fastest growing material for the clear rigid plastic packaging of food and consumer products. It is processed by thermoformers and brands, with the majority of the resulting clear plastic trays used for packaging fresh foods and dairy products, where its oxygen barrier properties make it an ideal and natural first choice. It is also making rapid inroads into the cold drink cup market. The remainder is used for the packaging of fast moving consumer products such as toys, electronics, and hardware. APET is replacing PVC and styrenic polymers, favored for new applications where its clarity, gloss and mechanical toughness make it an ideal material for goods that require from both product protection and shelf impact.

The timing of Spearepet substantial and continuing investment schedule would match the growing demand for this material, and it is hardly surprising that the company is confident of success.

Randeep Gampa, Managing Director for Spearepet Pvt Ltd Our thermoforming customers need a supplier who becomes a technical asset in helping them to reduce costs and to support innovation. Spearepet delivers a product that allows them to be more innovative in both design and reducing costs.
At a time when APET packaging is taking share from other polymers, ours is the only company making such a substantial investment in support of APET. As a high quality producer in a rapidly expanding industry, we are confident of our role in supporting large scale packaging users in their global initiatives and growth ambitions.

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