Ref. No. : CA - 10290 - (Production - Blow Moulding – with 29.1 years in Plastic Industry)


PGD-PPT From Central Institute Of Plastics Engineering And Technology Bhubaneswar.
B.Sc (Hons). From Berhampur University, Orissa, India.

Skill Sets

Diploma in Computer Applications(Tata Info-tech) from Tata Info-tech Bhubaneswar.

Software Experience: Ms Office, windows, Basic & ERP working experience

Skills & Competencies:
Expertise in Injection molding,PET Preform ,Blow Molding Processing technology PET And HDPE Blow molding..
Extensive experience of more than 20 years in plastic industries in man, material and machine management.
Knowledge of development, strategic planning, implementing to achieve organizational goals & targets.
Advanced problem solving analytical skill.
Goal orientated approach and team player.
Strong communication and Leadership quality.
Easily adoptable in any environment.
Exposure to processing of commodity plastics like LDPE,LLDPE,HDPE,PPCP,PPHP and Engineering plastics like Nylon 6, Nylon 66, PC, PET,PBT, Acetal,ABS,SAN,GPPS etc

Work Experience

Plant Head
From July 2018 to present
Company profile-
manufactures Caps, PET Preforms,ASB Bottle,15 ltr bottle HDPE And PET Bottles(Various Size) of Company mother diary, Emami and Halder

Production Manager
From Jan 2017 to Till July 2018
Company profile- Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of PET Wide Mouth Consumer Jars, Spice Jars, Cosmetic Jars & Mayonnaise Jars.

Job profile-
Setting and fine tuning of processing parameter as per Standard weight and standard cycle time of the product.
Production Planning and scheduling of mould and machines according to the weight of the product.
Target oriented approach to achieve 90% efficiency from all the machines.
Ensure better Quality and Quantity of the production as per planning.
Looking after customer complaints and take necessary action for rectify it.
Monthly Health checking for all the machines and moulds.
To reduce cost of products by adopting right combination of raw material for local and export items.
Providing ideas to improve productivity and efficiency of plant operation.
Online maintenance practice of all the moulds after every lot of production.
Making maintenance planning and schedule for maintenance team.
Products Manufacture - Caps & Closures, Pet Preform, Pet Bottles

Company : Famous Agency Ltd,Zambia
Designation : Production Manager
Duration : June 2015 to January 2017

Job Profile / Responsibilities :
Handling Inspection for ISO & maintaining ISO Documentation & operation of plant.
Checking Quality assurance of products as per ISO Standard.
Making fine tuning of processing parameters and cycle time.
New mold development from outsourcing.
Material and Manpower management in the Factory.
Handle operating 15 injection molding machine & blow molding machine.

Company : Divya Packmaf Pvt Ltd(Patanjali Group)
Designation : Production Manager
Duration : Feb 2011 to May 2015.
Job Profile / Responsibilities:
Making fine tuning of processing parameters and cycle time.
Material and Manpower management in the shift.
Handle independently injection molding,Blow molding & two stage pet machine.
Reporting to General Manager.
Company manufactures Hdpe bottles and pet bottle of different size for owm ayurvedic products and mustard oil packaging.

Company : Aglo Polymers Ltd ( Kolkata)
Designation : Production in Charge
Duration : Dec 1999 to Jan 2011
Company manufactures PET Preforms,,Caps and closures in injection molding and compression molding and job order for Wrighting instruments

Job Profile / Responsibilities:
Fine process tuning to improve the product Quality and Quantity.
Raw material and production planning, machine scheduling as per plan.
Manpower allocation as per production planning and shift schedule.
Marketing and promotions of products for Local and Domestic market.
Deals with new mold development caps
Looking after customer complaints and take necessary action to resolve it
Improved daily production capacity from 5 tons to 5.5 tons.
Reporting to General Manager

Technical proficiency in Handling of following types of Injection molding M/cs & others
Milacron Model: SIGMA-50,80,110,150
Milacron Model : MAGNA T SERVO 275 Ton,Hydon 150
L & T Model : DL-150,DL-180,DL-350,PFY-60
Husky Hypet 400 HPP 4.0
Jet Master Model : 228Ai,228 AI JSP/2.JM-178 AI,JM-168,JM-130
Toshiba Model : 650 Ton,250 Ton
Zhaffir Mac7hinary: VE-2300,VE-1900,VE-1600
Hot Foiling Machine: Technoshell(SMC-150)
Pad Printing : KInari Pad Printing Machine
Blow Molding Machine : CMP(30 ML TO 5 Ltr Capacity)
Jagmohan blow molding machine 15 Ltr
Two Stage PET Machine :YS-1000,YS-1500,YS-2000,YS-18,J P Machine
Single Stage Pet Machine : 50 MB(ASB)

An ambitious technocrat having more than 20 years of extensive and wide exposure in the field of Injection Molding ,Technical hands of experience in processing,setting parameters for manufacturing of Pet Preforms, HDPE Blow molding (Up to 5-15 Liter HDPE Jerry cans,Pharma bottles ,Writing Instruments,Caps and closures for different bottle,Pet Bottles

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