Ref. No. : CA - 23354 - (R&D - Raw Material – with 16.4 years in Plastic Industry)


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Polymer Engineering & Technology From Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) University of Mumbai, India in 2012

Master of Technology (M.Tech.), Polymer Engineering & Technology From University Institute of Chemical Technology University of Mumbai, India in 2008

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Plastics Technology From University North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, India in 2006

Skill Sets

6 years of rigorous hand-on experience in designing and streamlining new product development, process development, process engineering, new projects, troubleshooting for diverse market and industry demand. Excel in planning, implementation, leveraging technologies & process to achieve innovative solutions to emerging R&D and manufacturing process challenges.

Work Experience

Manager - Technical Services(Team Leader)
From April 19 - Present
Company profile- leading manufacturer of tacky protective films.

Job profile-
Leading new product development (cling film, meat wrapping film & stretch wrap film), projects and team.
Work closely with new product development team on the launch of products.
Development of demonstrations of new products to our clients.
Troubleshooting applications with issues by working with the customer, in their facility, to identify the root cause & implement solutions.
Validation of product performance at customer sites.
Production efficiency increase from 50% to 65% for new European blown film line.
i) Technical support for process optimization & parameters.
ii) Raw materials and additives optimize
iii) Using the above data increase the product profit from 7% to 9.2%.
Technical support to new developed product to commercial production line.
Developed co-extruded meat film for auto tray wrapping application, for super market.
Assigned responsibilities of supporting development teams towards product improvement and application feasibility.
Successfully developed and replace the traditional PVC film by PE based film for HORECA industries.
Initiation of new projects, exploration of new business ideas, technical support to business teams.
Executing product & processes at commercial scale, leading collaborative project
activities (stage & gate) to improve portfolio performance, contract manufacturing operation and support to overseas operations.
Developed polymeric based non glue surface protection film to protect metal, plastic, glass and foam.
Technical support to International marketing & business development team.

Technical Manager (Polymer application lab)
Since Feb 2014
Company Profile: largest manufacturer of oleo chemical-based additives in India and a strong player globally in this industry.

Job Profile:
Working closely with marketing and development team for getting business and after sale support.
Responsible for providing a wide range of expert technical services to a range of industries.
Involved in materials selection and testing, failure investigation and avoidance, compound development & inspection.
Worked on coefficient of friction (COF) of silica based anti-block & modern synthetic waxes for polyolefin film.
Customer’s assistance to improve color stability for PET film.
Working on the rheological behavior of additives with Polyolefin polymer, PVC & Bio-polymer.
Customer’s assistance during pigment dispersion & slip, anti-block properties for flexible film to have optimization new products.
Developed new recipe to improve printing quality of flexible film.
Working on new development method to analyzed slip & anti-block additives.
Developed new recipe to improve smoothness of production of flexible packaging film.
Working on improve torque release properties in Injection molded PP & HDPE closures for Carbonated & non carbonated.
Working on application of antifog & antistatic additives in polyolefin & PET film for food packaging.
Manufacturing process implementation / modification.
Organize development trials.
Attend customer and product trials as needed.
Developed new techniques for additives application in PVC plastisol.
Exposed with additives like Anti-static, Antifog, Slip, viscosity depressant, mold release for thermos-et & wetting & dispersing.

Research Scientist  
Nov 2012 to Feb 2014
Company Name: The Bombay Textile Research Association

Job Profile:
Developed novel process techniques and improved existing processes in Fiber Reinforced Polymer (Thermoset)
Developed novel Conducting Fiber Reinforced Polymer 
Process development natural fiber composite for EMI shielding
Coordinated activities of multiple personnel such as manufacturing technicians  and interacted with tool suppliers for tool development and process development.

R & D Intern
March to August 2005
Company Name: Jain Irrigation Pvt. Ltd., Jalgaon, India
Job Profile:
Developed PVC compound for wire applications undergraduate Summer Intern at Jain Irrigation Pvt. Ltd, India

Technical Expertise:
Polymer Technology & Synthesis of Nano Materials
Polymer Processing and Compounding
Synthesis of nano-cellulose, ZnO 
Synthesis of Conducting Polymer
Polymer Blends & Polymer Nano-Composite
Fiber Reinforced Polymer 
Analytical Chemistry
Haake Rheomix Mixer, UTM, HDT, DSC, TGA, Rheometer, DMTA, MFI, XRD, LOI, GP, frictional properties

Research Experience:
Post-Graduate Research Associate, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai 2008-2012
Synthesis of Nano Cellulose Fibers / Starch composite film.
Synthesis of Nano Cellulose Particles / Starch composite film.
Develop biodegradable nano composite film Ecoflex/Nano-Alumina film for food packaging and agricultural mulch film application. (With BASF)   
Product development (K-Carrageenan/Nano Cellulose fiber/Nano Cellulose Particles composite film) for Packaging application & Permeability testing.
Graduate Research Assistant Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai 2006-2008
Investigated polymer blends of PBT/POP, PBT/POE, PTT/SEBS, PTT/PP-g-EPDM, and PTT/Hytral to improve impact properties. 2-fold increase in impact properties was achieved with optimization of processing parameters and compatibilizer concentration of POP-g-MA & POE-g-AA for PBT and SEBS, PP-g-EPDM, Hytral for PTT. 
University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT), NMU, India Dec 2005-Apr 2006
Successfully developed a strategy to improve impact properties of engineering polymers such as Nylon 6,6 and PP using polyolefinic elastomers

Preparation of Cellulose Nano-Whiskers and Its Effect on Performance Properties of k-Carrageenan Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy 8 (2014) 1-9
Effect of Maleic Anhydride Modified Olefinic Elastomer and Plastomer on Impact Properties of PBT International Journal of Plastics Technology (In Press)
Preparation of cotton linter nanowhiskers by high-pressure homogenization process and its application in thermoplastic starch Applied Nanoscience June 2014
Preparation and Characterization of K-carrageenan/Nano-silica Bio-composite Film, Journal of Materials January 2014 (In Press)
Studies on the effect of nano-alumina on the performance properties of poly(butyleneadipate-co-terephthalate) composite films, Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials November 21, 2013 (In Press)
Preparation of nano cellulose fibers and its application in Kappa-Carrageenan based film, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 51 (2012)1008–1013 (Top-25)
Synthesis of Nano Cellulose Fibers & Effect on Thermoplastics Starch Based Films, Carbohydrate Polymers 89 (2012) 146– 151 (Top-25)
Improvement In Functional Properties Of Potato Starch/Nano-Cellulose Fibre (NCF) Nanocomposite Films, World Journal of Engineering, 991 Vol.7 Supplement 3, 2010
Effect of vulcanized thermoplastics & SEBS on impact strength of PTT, Plastic and Polymer Engineering: Technology, 2010, Vol.49, No.15, 1499-1505
Impact Modification of Polymers using Polyolefin Elastomer & Plastomer, IPI November 2011 (Review Article)

Presented a paper on “Improvement In Functional Properties of K- Carrageenan /Nano-Cellulose Fibre (NCF) Nanocomposite Films” in International Conference on “Sustainability in Polymer Materials (S-PolyMat 2012)” Rolduc Polymer Meetings, Kerkrade, The Netherlands, Europe during 20th – 23rd May 2012.
Presented a paper on “Improvement in Functional Properties of Potato Starch/Nano-Cellulose Fibre (NCF) nanocomposite films”, in ICCE 2011, Shanghai, China.
Presented a paper on Impact Modification of Polybutylene Terphthale and Trimethylene Terphthalein International Conference on “Advancements in Polymeric Materials” (APM-2010), organized by CIPET Bhubaneswar (India) during 20 -22nd February 2010.
Presented a paper on Ultrasonic Assisted Synthesis of Nano ZnO Oxide in National Conference on Nano materials and Nanotechnology (NCNN 2010), organized by Department of Chemistry and Department of Chemical Engineering, VNIT Nagpur (India) during 18th – 20th January 2010.
Presented a paper on ZnO soluble starch polypropylene nano composites International conference on Nano materials and Applications at Kolhapur, 2008.

Winner for  National Award for Technology Innovation in Green Polymeric Materials & Products by Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizers, Government of India, 2013.
Research Associate (RA) Fellowship, funded by Indian Council Agricultural Research Delhi (ICAR)

Profile Summary:
Sincere and diligent individual with experience in the field of Process Development, R & D, Cost Reduction, Design & Development.
Capabilities of successful research and development, summarizing research findings, analyze/evaluate data & results and make out patterns/structures.
Research experience in polymer additives, polymer engineering, FRP, polymer processing techniques, food packaging, material characterization techniques, polymer nano-composite, polymer blends and engineering polymers, understanding of structure-property relationships important for product development and applications.
Excellent interpersonal skills, strong interdisciplinary work history and a team player.

Future Goals


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