Ref. No. : CA - 582 - (Designers - Dies & Tools – with 39.3 years in Plastic Industry)


Jul’ 2018 Advanced Manufacturing Research Fellow (Post-Doctoral Studies) …Inclusive Manufacturing
National Institute of Advanced Studies, Dept. of Science & Technology, Government of India

Aug’ 2016 Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering…Plastic Injection Mould Design
National Institute of Technology Karnataka, M/o Human Resource Dev, Government of India

Aug’ 2009 Post Graduate Statistical Quality Control Certificate…Die & Mould manufacturing I Class with Honours
Indian Statistical Institute, M/o Statistics & Programme Implementation, Government of India

Dec’ 2005 Master of Philosophy in Management…Tool room competence management I Class
Alagappa University (State University), Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India

Nov’ 2005 Master of Technology in Tool Engineering…Injection Mould Design I Class with Distinction
Visweswaraiah Technological University (State University), Belgaum, Karnataka, India

Skill Sets

I'm an adept technocrat having expertise in process configuration, operation & design; development, integration & assembly; tool trails & validation of tools, dies & moulds. My penchant is proper ultilisation, efficient maintainence & refurbishment of tools, progne thoro' tool life like reuse, redesign, redevelop for fresh axioms. While setting tool engineering pace for over 25 years, I have extensively designed, developed, realised complex tools for precision components, discretely manufactured in compliance with national and international acceptability standards. I have hands on skill of working on ultra precision machines, proficient to get the quality products from both process and producibility view. My accomplish assignments range from small intricate (micro) multiple tools to large (mega) single-cavity; niche-to-speciality moulds, unique and customised parts, hot runner systems with on- & off-site practice on proprietary tool engineering assignments for both captive and customis

Work Experience

Executive Director (Technology Excellence)
Since Aug’ 2015
Company profile- manufacturer & exporter of Torque Wrench, Torque Multiplier, Spring Ba-lancer, Socket, Slugging Wrench
Job profile-
1. Distinction of planning, directing and coordinating technical activities at management level. Implementing GMP
systems as key drivers for delivering solutions, integrating best practices, negotiating contracts, and liaising buy-ins / trade- off with stakeholders. Intimately interfacing with stakeholders for seamless execution of deliverables.
Proactively espouse scientific and engineering expertise to explore multiple options, revive complete end-to-end
2. Pioneering innovative business-models to culminate revenue on growth stride and capaciting in-house
technology developments to contain cost at modesty. Churning business around from low- to high- value
manufacturing by maximizing through-put, strategic planning, developing focused products to spur business
3. Contained tooling escalations from 45% to 23%, diversified design from 23% to 35%, pooling high potential CFT
talent for functional excellence's, scouting on demand resources to form extended think tanks and create CoEs
across all functional levels, systematically reviving processes for high efficiency and performance. Accurately
characterizing processes; system preciseness; adoption of coherent technologies; inspiring Kaizen circles
(continuous improvement); assessing risks; diagnosing flaws; reviewing performance metrics; and modelling live
business cases with theory of constraints.
4. Developing exquisite technologies for exclusive applications, id-eating solutions thro’ functional designs, predictive
quality, moderated costs, and viable processing. Specifically focusing on thermoplastic processing to leverage
domain knowledge.

Vice President (Project Management)
Since Aug’ 2010 to Aug’2015
Company profile- manufacturer & exporter of Torque Wrench, Torque Multiplier, Spring Ba-lancer, Socket, Slugging Wrench
Job profile-
1. Developing and implementing short-mid-long-term plans, budgets, forecasts and executing strategies critical to
P&L decisions. Plying expertise to intelligently resolve challenges, mitigate escalations, constraints, risks & issues.
Prioritizing and directing resources, facilities, and endeavors to scope-in promising opportunities within the
am-bits of business.
2. Exploring progressive prospects, ventures, initiatives, and options to spur growth rates. Distinctions of adopting
world-class science, engineering, and technological excellence adept to professional practices; implementing
major advanced interventions throu’ original concepts to enhance efficiency, productivity and value by leap, and
3. Creatively manoeuvring businesses to optimism client portfolios; manage focus on key accounts; and scheming
value propositions to win promising opportunities, despite client segment diversities; including product-service mix,
inbound, and outbound integrations. Complementing multidisciplinary ability across diverse projects involving
sophisticated design and developing a large portfolio of cutting-edge tool, die, and mould solutions.
4. Leveraging the agile scale and intelligently reciprocating local alliances as competences. Rendering thro'-life cycle
fulfillment from concept to maintenance; preventive, predictive & break-down repair with best-in-class reliability; implementing Kaizen techniques to restore and refurbish tools to gain thorough value; providing tool engineering
support across all realms of manufacturing.
5. Ensuring a world-class level of competence across tool room operations; motivating enterprise-wide initiatives to
shelf inattentiveness, inspiring ideas, approaches, best-practices, influencing excitements in the workplace and
thus interact actively to thrive a culture of excellence across the hierarchy to sustain organizational success.
6. Liaise with investors/ directors, vendors, team, clients, regulators, and other agencies in the interest of business;
negotiating collaborations and forging relationships to fortify collective success.

General Manager
Since Aug’ 2005 to Aug’2010
Job profile-
1. Hosting best-practice driven manufacturing routines and realizing the harbingers of the best run-throughout to
save expenses. Adopting advanced analytics to find promising opportunities, foresee risks, forge fortes, and forbid
flaws to sustain stability across tool-room operations.
2. Thoroughly deploying domain knowledge to conceive value, extensively use CAD, CAE, RP and appropriate
technologies to execute engineering projects for diverse applications. Provide DfM propositions, engineering
inputs to evolve designs with optimal functional performance, comply requirements and configure acceptably.
3. Responsible for reviewing; providing specialist advice and support on technical / engineering aspects for
compliance with industry, organization & regulatory standards and chairing of PPAP, ISIR, MSA sign-offs related
to APQP.
4. Executing all tool-room, machine shop, and workshop activities, including designing for utmost value, analyzing to
meet acceptable PpK/CpK, Gauge R&R criteria; enhancing OEE, recognizing realms of continuous improvements
to get the highest productivity; demystifying variability, deducing processing characteristics to scout, control and
validate tools, dies and moulds.
5. Undertaking repair, maintenance and refurbishment of tools, die and moulds; identifying bottlenecks, breakdowns
and taking precautionary troubleshooting like RCA to meet KPIs. Working as TPM Pillar leader in tool-room,
monitoring tool history cards, PM records, MTTR, and MTBF amidst tool life and implementing pro-active,
preventive reconditioning of tools, dies and moulds.
6. Ensuring operational reliability; lead conformance; coherence resources within the enterprise and beyond to
produce efficiently, on-time, always and in-line with AQL.

Engineering Manager Aug’ 2002 to Aug’2005
1. Actively running at least 150 moulds on the machines at multiple locations; delivering 200 different moulds and
maintaining 300 client moulds per annum. Responsible for tool manufacturing, assembly, tryouts, maintenance,
development and testing activities to meet business targets; maximize productivity and sustain stout levels of
2. Scheduling tool-room assignments, analyzing inspection reports, scrutinizing process cards and balancing work
including planning. Implemented SOPs and complied with 5S, lean, ISO 9001 QMS specifically for tool-room.
Ensuring adherence to AQL by sampling, inspecting, la belling, checking and trails as per control plans and WIs.
3. Responsible for producing new tools, moulds, dies, jigs and fixtures both in-plant and outsourced processing.
Preparing special purpose accessories for those critical to manufacturing; design and developments of electrodes;
conducting final blue matching, testing of actuating and other crucial aspects like water leakage, flashes, pressure
loss, etc.,
4. Organizing daily tasks, reviewing overall progress of tool-rooms; building team spirit among peers; developing
action plans for problems and reducing downtime; analyzing first article inspection reports (FAIR) and validating
performances as per protocols.
5. Selecting the material, standard bought-outs, coordinating vendors such as heat treatment, engraving, embossing
or alike, while being on-time as scheduled.

Senior Tool-room Engineer Apr’ 1999 to Aug’2002
1. Designing and development of Tools, Dies & Mould for all manufacturing processes; providing engineering
sustenance from compliance, maintenance to rectification; analyzing Fish Bone, RCA and generating 8D reports
for each mould; and planning Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA).
2. Pursuing several continuous improvements to extend tool life like stress relieving, adopting various coating, heat
treatment methods, special polishing techniques, etc., Adopting modern manufacturing principles to prevent
deficiencies, randomness and chaos.
3. Supervising floor-level activities to engage toolmakers and machinists, while ensuring tool-making aligns with
commitments; maintaining overall production planning system; managing adherence to floor plans; devising
manufacturing policies, procedures whilst mentoring and leading the team.
Curriculum Vitae Page 4
4. Maximizing resources utility; logging and tracking through schedules, scouting regular maintenance and scoping
predictive repairs; assessing risks of tools, machines, safety and resources; holding optimum stock of inserts,
spares, pins and accessories.
5. Ensuring accurate production scheduling initiatives regardless of machines, tooling, fixtures, and personnel
discrepancies. Controlling predictable set up, run times, and lead times for all tasks for accurate quoting.
Interpreting all drawing & blueprint specifications, dimensions and tolerances to determine effective / efficient
sequence of manufacturing operations and set up requirements. Develop systems, policies and procedures that
track and monitor productivity metrics and performance targets to ensure the machining departments is optimizing
returns for the company.

Tool-room Engineer Sept’ 1996 to Apr’1999
1. Designing tools, planning tool development & operations; conducting trials, proving & validation; maintenance &
refurbishment. Measure CTQ and complex dimensions by using instruments profile projectors, OPG, CMM; slip,
sleeve & pin gauges; plug, dial & bore gauges and many hand and power tools. Preparing in-process stage
sheets, quality control plans and selecting tools, tool holders, devices, accessories and fixture designs. Maintain
consistent continuity between shifts by effectively establishing procedures/documentation that communicate action
plans, irregularities, and continuing needs effectively. Ensure continuous machine shop throughput's while
sensitively accommodating exigencies based on priority changes and customer needs/requests.
2. Proficiently conceiving setups, operations, maintaining an array of machine tools including CNC (3/4/5 Axis
programming) to produce precision, versatility and assorted features involving combinations of turning, milling,
boring, planning, drilling, sawing, broaching, grinding, etc., operations. Preparing pre-machining and machine wise
loading charts and job cards based on work orders, assigning stock margins based on machining margins,
determining best tool-paths, process stages planning, etc., Diving into shop floor details, orienting skill leadership
for strategic development of hands-on team (CNC Programmers, Set Up, and Operators). Responsible for
communicating clear directives to the machining aggro-up, drive process flow, pFMEA, WI, continual improvement
efforts, oversee & monitor process control, and lead all production planning and supply chain logistics efforts.
3. Responsible for overseeing VMC's, HMC's, Turning Cent-res, high accuracy EDMs, Jig boring machines and
drilling / de-burring machining operations; handling machine-shop activities and maintaining both conventional and
precision machines. Machining form, fit and functional replicates, twins, mates, assembled features whilst creating
core and cavity impressions. Responsible for keeping the work area, machines, and accessories agile, active and
organized; monitoring and up-keeping basic preventive maintenance of the equipment.
4. Attend daily production meetings, updating status and negotiating all machining orders. Communicating daily
production, quality and cost attains to management for prioritizing concerns and timely resolution of multiple
escalations. Initiating continual improvement efforts to enhance job profitability of all manufacturing job #'s run by
reviewing/analyzing through machining activities, in detail, actual hours verse estimated hours by set-up and
run-times by each machining operation. Accurately monitoring, recording, capturing, and reporting of all machining
hours on daily basis by Job # and operation # in line with BoMs by reviewing and approving job card and machine
5. Oversee and monitor all safety initiatives in the machining area.

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