Ref. No. : CA - 9724 - (Maintenance and Service - Electrical – with 22.6 years in Plastic Industry)


Diploma in Electronic Engineering From MSBTE. (Mumbai) With 54% In 1995-96.

Skill Sets

Known Computer Programming Skills
Operating Systems – Windows 98/2000/ME/XP.
Office Package – MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.
Programming Language – Assembly language.
Others Cad Knowledge – ElectroCAD, CirCAD, etc.

Have good Communication skills in Marathi, Hindi, and English in verbal and written.
Over 15 years of Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Equipments
Maintenance experience.
Sound ability to use electrical testing equipment, i.e., Multi-Meter, Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Clamp Meters and how to apply these skills in problem solving applications.
Deep high- Micro-controller Based Systems as well as Control Panel Systems
Familiarity with PLC control interfaces for industrial electronic equipment's.
Uncommon ability to use CAD SYSTEMS like CirCAD, ElectroCAD etc.
Excellent in the use of basic Hand Tools, Soldering Tools and other Electronic
Assembly Tools.

Work Experience

Maintenance Manager
From May 2015 – till date
Company profile- largest producer of all types of Caps, Plugs & plastic bottles as well as contract manufacturing

Job profile-
Electrical/Electronic Maintenance of various machines such as
Injection Molding Machines (Supermax-100T, Windsor-SP130, kamath machine).
Packing & Sealing machines, wrapping machines, etc.
To maintain all breakdown records for future reference.
To prepare & execute the preventive maintenance schedule..
Uncommon ability to understand Electrical circuits, Electronic circuits.
Strong understanding & hands on experience of plastic Injection Molding Machine’s.
Air Compressor, Cooling tower, Chiller, Color Mixer, Hopper Drying System etc
Shrink film tunnel, Electrical Ovens, Grinders etc.
Maintenance of Chain-Pulley Block, Electrical Hoist, Electrical Stacker & Hand pallet etc.
I always check all the machines and their conditions & do all types of machine maintenance

Maintenance Engineer
From Nov. 2013 – May 2015
Company profile- largest producer of all types of Woven sack, PVC/HDPE Pipes, Mono-layer blown film, Bag making & flexo Printing etc.

Job profile-
Air Compressor, Cooling tower, Chiller, Color Mixer, Hopper Drying System, Chain-Pulley Block etc.
Recycle machines -3nos. Panchal machineries make.
Aglo machines -7 nos,
Grinders – 5 nos.
Lumps crusher -1 no. –
Mono-layer extrude-rs – 22 nos. Shubham make.
Mixers – 4 nos
Bag making machines – 18 nos. excel & mamata make.
Flexo printing machines – 3 nos.
Woven sack machines – 3 nos. Star-linger 800 & Lohia 1000 make.
Looms – 80 nos. Lohia make.
Bailing machines – 3 nos.
Sewing machines – 50 nos
PVC/HDPE pipe machines – 4 nos. KABRA & WINDSOR make.
Socketing machines – 3 nos. vihan make.
Slotting machines – 01 no.
Pulveriser – 2 nos. prime industries.

I always check all the machines and their conditions & do all types of machine maintenance.

H.O.D. (Maintenance & Production).
From Oct. 2012 To Oct. 2013.

Maintenance Engineer
From January 2012 to August 2012
Responsible for maintenance, repair, and modification of all production plant facilities like Electronics, Instrumentation/Controls, Process controls etc. for machines of production of blown films. Maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing of electrical, electronic, pneumatic & hydraulic circuits,
Looking After Entire plant machinery breakdowns/maintenance individually & reporting to General Manager.

Maintenance Engineer (Electrical & Electronics)
From June 2010 to Dec.2011.

Maintenance Engineer
From Nov.2007 to April 2010.

Job profile-
Check Flew Gas of Chimneys.(Scrubber/Boiler), also Check P.H. & Conductivity of D.M. Water Plant.
Daily Check the Electricity Meter & Check the Power Factor of Capacitor Bank to maintain M.D.
Prepare for daily, HSD/FURNACE OIL Report, Tank Balance Report, every week and every month.
The factory which include 2 furnace oil boiler up to 600KG/HR & 850KG/HR(THERMAX Boiler).
Centrifugal Pumps, multistage pump, magnetic pump, Vacuum Pumps, Gear Pumps, piston pump etc.
Maintaining D. M. Plant & Effluent Treatment Plant, Blowers, sifter, multimill, filter press, etc.
Reactors, Pressure Vessel, Nutch filters, Auto-Clave, Chain Pulley Block, Electrical Rope Hoist, etc.
Utility Equipment's - D.G.set., Cooling Tower, Screw Compressor, Steam Boiler etc.
1) Screw Compressor GA – 15 FF (20HP) ATLAS COPCO make. 2) Steam Boiler 600kg/hr –Thermax make.
Responsibility – Responsible for visual inspection during condition monitoring of plant & inform to related plant if
found any abnormality of machines.

Service Technician
From June 1996 - April. 2001
Company Manufactured:
Electrical Heaters - Ceramic and Cartridge Heaters, Air and Immersion Heaters etc.
Temperature Controllers (all types), Digital Counters, & Digital Timers etc.
Heating control panels.
Lab equipment's.(Muffle furnaces, Ovens & Magnetic Stirrer).
As a Service Technician, my job was to assemble & troubleshoots all above products. Company designs & programs various control systems which in turn included the various motor controls, heat controls for various industries. It basically includes Chemical, Rubber and Plastic industries.

18 + years of experience in plant maintenance and repair of Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical systems.
Recognized for strong analytical and planning skills including advancement, leadership, management and supervisory experience.
Possess extensive and diverse computer background.
Sound ability to use electrical & mechanical testing, measuring equipment, i.e., Multi-Meter, Merger, Clamp Meters, Tachometer, Vernier Caliper, Micro Gauge, Hardness Tester etc.
Familiarity with working an ISO 9001:2008, 5S, BRC, IOP environments.

Plc Automation Panel maintenance.
Knowledge of Sensors – Proximity, Photocell, Thermocouples J,K & RTDs, Encoders, Color sensor, load cell etc.
Calibration -Temp.Controllers, Pressure gauges & Weighing Scale etc.
Troubleshooting of AC/DC Circuits & Electronics Instruments.
Servicing of - Temp. Controller, Timer, Counter, Rectifier, SSR etc.
Troubleshooting of VFDs, DC Drives, Tension controllers etc.
Having experience of attempting faults of Electronic Web aligners & Hydro Pneumatic Web aligners, E+L, SUNTRONICS make etc.
Servicing of corona treators ARSHAD, SOFTEL, IEEC make etc.
Having experience of attempting faults in DOZING UNIT- PRASAD make
Servicing of Single, 3Phase Induction Motors & STAR-DELTA Starters.
Troubleshooting faults in MCCs & PCCs panel, heating Controls Panels.
Servicing of Pumps & Valves – Centrifugal pumps, multistage pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Gear Pumps, Solenoid Valves, Pneumatic valves etc.
Maintenance of cooling towers & chillers – Nozzle, fills cleaning & chemical treatment to water, pump servicing etc.
Prepare Preventive Maintenance Schedule of m/c as per routine schedule.
Preparing Down Time Report (Electrical & Mechanical).
Instructed/trained and supervised personals from 3 ratings (Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical) for Energy Conservation

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