Ref. No. : JA - 5474 - Machine Operater – Operators and Fitters - Extrusion Machinery at Plastemart Jobs, Gujarat

Job Description

Handle the twin screw extruder, start up & shutdown, problem solving, help the quality checking & increase the production. 
working as extruder operator on steer twin screw extruder Knowledge of clutch setting, screen changer and dual bar operation, Automatic dryer unit,
Palletizer system, Fender make gear box, k tron feeder, classifier, resin conveyor, packaging, gramatic feeder system
machine.- Knowledge of dust collector & mist collector, dry vauccum pump operation.
Trouble shooting of all types Breakdown in production.
working knowledge on ISO 9000/9001, GMP & records.
Keeping record so from consumption and product packing summary.
Working for safety related activities, LOTO, work permit, JSHA.
Maintain 5S in plant.
To attend breakdown, CM, Find Rout cause analysis.
Daily production downtime analysis.
Operate steer extruder m/c.
Operate brabender, scench feeder & troubleshooting.
Remove & fitted twin screw for masterbatch.
Troubleshooting product & machine.
change the die & die head assembly.
fire fighting & 1st aid training.
Operate packaging m/c and Handling the material PE, PP, TiO2, Caco3, Lithopone, Zinc stearate, finawax, sunov in and min block, pearl, pigment dyes etc
perform shift duity

About Company

Manufacturer of ink and a leading producer of pigments, polymer chemicals and graphic arts Manufacturer. High quality series of offset printing inks and UV overprinting varnishes are being manufactured and supplied to India and overseas market

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