Ref. No. : JA - 6119 - Head Technical Support -Marketing – Marketing Sales Service - Plastic Raw Materials at Plastemart Jobs, Mumbai

Job Description

Department- Technical Support

Handling customer complaints, trials.
Support in building Customer Relationship and a culture of innovation.

Tasks - To provide application specific services to customers and marketing department.
To optimize customer processes using Our Grades.
Indicators - Increased brand awareness and positive perception.
Achievement of business performance v/s budget.
Customer Relationships-
Tasks - Manage customer relationships.
To attend customer complaints.
Ensure that quality and service complaints are addressed and resolved timely.
Customer Experience related issues (Tangible & intangible) -system & policy formulation.
To develop customer satisfaction survey & implement.
Maintaining customer relations especially with high value customers.
Customer rapport building.
Adding new customers.
Building key customer relationships.
Present new products and services and enhance existing relationships.
Work with technical staff and other internal colleagues to meet customer needs by proposing new range of products or offering customized solutions.
Arrange and participate in internal and external client debriefs.
Indicators -Customer satisfaction.
Complaint reduction.
Number of customer complaints resolved successfully.
No. of days taken for customer complaint resolution.

Skills & Knowledge
Knowledge pertaining to production and testing of Master batch /Filler/Compounds.
Knowledge of the Company product line, product applications and competitor’s products.
Knowledge of Customer Complaint Handling.
Knowledge of Software's required for preparing technical documents.
Business acumen.
Analytical Skills.
Knowledge of latest product applications.
Knowledge of Latest technological developments in the field of plastic pertaining to Masterbatches etc.
Knowledge and experience of advanced testing like DSC, TGA , FTIR , SEM , Weathering.
Knowledge of colour pigments and additives.
Communication Skills.
Interpersonal Skills.

About Company

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