Ref. No. : CA - 25389 - (Production - Moulding – with 17.8 years in Plastic Industry)


Pursuing DME From Madurai Kamraj University Distance Education

Diploma in Software Engineering From Modern, Pune in 2003 with 60%

Skill Sets

Deep knowledge of engineering plastics & thermoplastic injection molding, and advanced thermoplastic injection molding.
Strong ability to locating information.
Excellent observation skill.
Profound ability to read for information.
Exceptional ability to function efficiently and effectively in a team.
Uncommon knowledge of plastic materials and processes.
good knowledge moulds
Excellent knowledge of injection molding processes.
Uncommon ability to understand hydraulic circuits as applied to injection molding machines.
Exceptional knowledge of auxiliary equipment involved in injection molding.
Strong mechanical skills along with initiative and ability to work with minimum supervision.
Excellent communication and writing skills

Work Experience

Executive Prod. - Moulding: Since Nov 2014
Jr. Engineer: July 2005 to 2011
Trainee - Inj. Molding Machine Technician : Dec 2002 to Jun 2005
Company Profile: Manufacturer of automotive component & supplier of exterior lighting systems, powertrains, electricals-electronics, body and chassis parts to leading passenger car and motorcycle segments
Job Profile:
Looking at day to day planning of machines.
Handling of manpower.
New mould trial.
Third party moulding setup.
Customer complaint visits.
Coordinate with dispatch.
Handling of 20 moulding mc.
Looking and implementing of TPM in shop floor.
Rej reduction.
Cost reduction.

Jr. Engineer
July 2005 to 2011
Job Profile:
Verify correct set-up of molds, process settings and auxiliary equipment before machine start up.
Establish proper molding conditions.
Obtain mold approval at the appropriate time.
Assist with the set-up and maintenance of auxiliary equipment, including hrs temperature controls, and mold electrical controls.
Make minor repairs to machines and equipment and notify proper personnel of necessary major repairs.
Assist Mold Attendants as time permits and help relieve other Molding Technicians for breaks and fills in during personnel shortages.
Assist Sr. Engineer with training programs for new employees.
Responsible and accountable for: achieving adequate production levels, maintaining the expected product quality, and keeping area clean and in order.
Familiar with all the department's inspection procedures and standards.
Responsible for the regular and periodic monitoring of product for acceptable quality to the most recent specification.
Maintain records and prepare legible reports, including SPC reports, QC inspection reports, housekeeping checklists, production downtime reports, cycle time sheets and problem/corrective action logs, etc. accordance with departmental standards and Quality System Standards.
Observe all safety and environmental procedures and Good Manufacturing Practices.
Work with limited supervision and maintain an atmosphere of cooperation among and between shifts, mold repair shop, quality control, and management to facilitate departmental goals.

Key Accomplishments:
Achieved O.E.E of 90% from 75% in 12 months
Achieved process rejection below 2%
Knowledge of 5S-System in Factory. .
Reduced the Rejection Rate of TTR components & Mahindra 4 wheeler parts (Inprocess
Rejection from 22000ppm to 15000ppm) (Customer Rejection from 500ppm to 0ppm for
Bajaj products)
Reduced the setup time and increased the productivity effectively

Trainee - Injection Molding Machine Technician 
Dec 2002 to Jun 2005
Job Profile:
Installed molds and troubleshot processing issues.
Established processes for injection molding machinery, auxiliary equipment, and all support equipment.
Performed process changes as needed to maintain quality.
Monitored quality and productivity using prints and criteria sheets.
Assisted other molding personnel including operating machinery as needed.
Performed preventative maintenance on all machinery.
Performed repairs on all machinery including basic electrical and hydraulic issues.
Communicated with other company personnel via status reports.
Monitored/performed packaging of finished product.
Maintained a clean and professional work environment

Sr. Engineer Production
July 2011 to Nov 2014
Company Profile: Manufacturer of tail lamps, roof lamps, clusters, indicator and semco electrical products.
Job Profile:
My responsibility is of Planning, Dispatch, Customer Complaint, New Product Trials, Maintain TS documents

Attended a 3 day seminar on Plastic Materials Processing at Ferromatik Milacron, Ahmedabad

Achievements And Extra Curricular Activities:
Actively participated in TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) system. Additionally, awarded for
applying it on the shop floor, by BAJAJ.

Future Goals

Leverage my analytical skills and experience in the plastic processing industry (injection
molding) to proactively contribute to my firm as well as seek opportunities to grow myself

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