Ref. No. : JA - 7084 - Director Operations / Head Operations – Management at Bright Packaging Pvt Ltd., Mangalore

Job Description

Professional Experience required :
Green field project Execution must.
Preferred Experience in Plant operation and administration.
PEB/Civil Construction Project finalisation.
Well versed with machine, factory layout, design, drawings.
Certified or trained in ISO quality standards.

Role Competencies:
Strong knowledge of production processes, technologies, and industry best practices.
Knowledge of Quality standards for advanced materials.
Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making, negotiation skills.
Exceptional communication, interpersonal, and leadership abilities.
Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and adapt to changing priorities.
General management of the factory operations with exposure to labour laws and

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting:
Develop and implement production strategies aligned with organizational goals and market demands.
Set production targets, budgetary allocations, and performance metrics to measure success and drive continuous improvement.

Operational Management:
Oversee the entire process, from sourcing of raw materials to product manufacturing and distribution.
Monitor and optimize production workflows to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and ensure cost-effectiveness.

Quality Assurance:
Establish and maintain high-quality standards for all products, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and customer expectations.
Implement quality control measures and processes to minimize defects and returns.
Supply Chain Management:
Manage relationships with suppliers and vendors to secure timely and cost-effective sourcing of raw materials.
Streamline supply chain processes to enhance inventory management and reduce lead times.

Team Leadership and Development:
Provide leadership, guidance, and direction to the production team, fostering a culture of collaboration, accountability, and continuous learning.
Conduct performance evaluations, mentor team members, and identify training needs to enhance skills and capabilities.

Resource Allocation:
Optimize resource allocation, including labour, equipment, and facilities, to meet production demands while maintaining cost efficiency.
Identify opportunities for automation and technology adoption to enhance production capabilities.
Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and adapt to changing priorities.- Collaborate with cross-functional Team to ensure alignment of all processes with product specifications and market demands.

Collaboration and Communication:
Collaborate with cross-functional teams, to ensure alignment of production processes with product specifications and market demands.
Communicate production updates, challenges, and progress to top management Compliance and Sustainability:
Ensure compliance with industry regulations, safety standards, and ethical practices in all production activities.
Drive sustainability initiatives to minimize environmental impact and promote ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices.

Risk Management:
Identify potential risks related to production processes and develop strategies to mitigate them effectively.
Monitor and analyse industry trends, economic factors, and market dynamics that could impact operations.

About Company

Recognizing the burgeoning opportunities within the MMF-based Technical Textile industry, Bright Packaging Pvt Ltd expanded its footprint by establishing a new entity named BRIGHT GLOBAL-TEX INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED (BGTIPL in the 2022. BGTIPL stands as a testament to Bright Packaging's commitment to innovation, diversification, and sustainable growth.

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