Ref. No. : CA - 31102 - (Quality – with 15.8 years in Plastic Industry)


M.B.A. (Operations) from M.K.University,Tamilnadu in 2009

Skill Sets

Contents of Duties
Quality Assurance
Whole QMS maintenance, implementation & up gradation at Receiving, In process
& Final inspection through periodic conduction & monitoring of QA audits.
System up gradation with handling of various ERP locations.

Team Management
Leading and monitoring the performance of team members to ensure efficiency &
effectiveness in process operations and meeting of individual & group targets.
Creating and sustaining a dynamic environment that fosters development
opportunities and motivates high performance amongst team members.

Additional Responsibilities
As a part of additional responsibilities, handled Production, Logistics & Stores
activities & their sub functions

Work Experience

Department Head, Quality Assurance
From 01st Jan 2021 to Till Date
Company profile- company manufacturer of Precision Press parts & Welded assemblies

Job profile-
Looking after overall QA function.
Conducting Product & Process Audits as per schedule.
Internal & Supplier improvements through 4M Methodology for Process Enhancements.
Leading MR function of the organization through CFT approach.
Customer NCR closure & timely submission of 8D’s & Action plans.

Head, Quality Assurance
From 26th Apr 2019 to 31st Dec 2020
Company profile- company manufacturer of Electromagnetic products for
LV, MV, HV, RMU Switchgear, Power tool with Product designing, Import
substitution, Mass production.

Job profile-
Looked after overall QA function.
Implementation of QMS throughout the organization.
Developing the RCA culture to increase Defect Free Product Quality performance.
Implementation of Lean tools such as 5s, WCP, Skill development.

From 8th Feb 2008 to 5 th Apr 2019: M/s. Lear Automotive (I) Pvt. Ltd., India
as Senior Engineer, Quality Assurance, Nasik

Job profile-
Maintaining ‘Quality Eye Focus’ on In process & Final inspection activities.
Get the Receiving inspection done of bought out parts as per Quality plan.
Lot wise rejection/rework communication to supplier, purchase & SQA/SDE through
QCR’s & QN’s with tracking their action plans.
Follow ups & tracking on documents required from suppliers.
Containment & Corrective action at plant & supplier end to support production line
Preparing the Quality plans & internal inspection reports as per the drawing specific
Verify effectiveness for permanent corrective actions; closer of 8D.
Track overall improvement SPPM & reporting through SQTS.
Tracking PPAP activities with the interlinking of its support documentation.
Handling various ERP (QAD) options related to QA function.
Daily IPPM updates & its communication to all concerns.
Daily Customer reported issues updates & its communication to all concerns.
DCP monitoring as per scheduled calendar.
Handled Product & Process audits.
Attentiveness towards ECN's, ECR's, PCN's, BCR's, PLM& Daily BOM audit
Monitoring & tracking process audit check sheet.
Monitoring & tracking final audit check sheet.
Monitoring & tracking firewall check sheet.

From Nov 2007 to Jan 2008: M/s. Samsonite South Asia Pvt. Ltd.,as Officer -
Quality Assurance, Nasik

Handled overall final QA Audit activities

From 28th July 2006 to 24th Nov 2007: M/s. Jyoti Structures Ltd., Satpur as
Supervisor - Quality Assurance, Nasik
Inspection of incoming raw material at the inward station.
In process QA Audit & Final QA Audit.

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