Ref. No. : CA - 28908 - (Management – with 31.3 years in Plastic Industry)


Plastic Engg ( 4 Years ), Year 1988

Skill Sets

Experience in Plastic Industry starting from
Shop floor Engineer, Managerial level :: 20 years
Senior Management level as CEO:: 11 years & continuing
Having thorough knowledge in o Polymer Processing o Injection & Blow Molds
Operating & Maintenance of Injection Molding machines o Trouble Shooting Electrical & Hydraulic Circuits o Utility machines like Air Compressors
Cooling Towers, Pumps , EOT etc.
Traveled extensively to as many as 30 plus different countries for Marketing & Technical installations from the year 1998 till Now.
Independently Set up & Handle complete Polymer Processing Manufacturing Plant
Having In depth knowledge in Exports as many as 100 plus installations done of machinery installed Globally.( particularly in African Continent)
Good Negotiator, Vendor developer, Innovative & Technology Driven person
Evaluated , Executed no of Multi cavity fully hot runner PET Preform Molds from Global Tool Makers suitable to Husky Molding system there by econo

Work Experience

Since 1996
Company Profile : Involved only in Over Seas Plastic projects execution. With no business in India as our MD had served in Africa before returning back to India As my core strength being Plastic Engineer & exposure to African Market
Job Profile :
Visited Solo 30 plus World wide countries..
Met Plastic Industrialist / manufacturer engaged in Injection molded products, Edible Oil Mill owners etc.
Accessed & understood their requirement
Offered them projects of plastic machinery most suitable their kind of infrastructure, & considering other prevalent conditions in their country
Back home evaluated vendors who were competent enough & had an exposure to meet such criteria. Based on the short listed vendors we used to place orders with them.
Continuous monitoring & timely inspection were done to ascertain we complete the order In Time & with required quality parameters.
Started ISO 9001 during the year 2001
Started Our Mold Manufacturing Tool Room in Mumbai & specialize in making of PAIL CONTAINER MOLDS used in Automotive, Paint, Oil & Chemical Industries.
These PAIL CONTAINER MOLDS were successfully found market in OPEC countries like in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Iran, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Australia & alike.
Exported & Installed more than 1500 plus various kind of Injection Molds across the Globe.
Projects offered, Installed Overseas on Turnkey basis till now are :
Complete Recycling lines
Mono layer film plant
Woven Sack Making plants
Blow Molding machines
Utilities Like High Pressure Air compressor, Chillers, Diesel Generators, Thermax Boilers Both Diesel & Wood fired
Complete Mineral water manufacturing Plant which included Injection Molding machines, Blow machine, Filling, Capping & Shrink films
Injection Molding plants for House ware Products Complete FFS (form fill seal) machines for FMCG clients.

Countries Visited For Marketing & Installation
Partial List Includes:
African continent:
{Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Ghana, Guinea, Ethiopia, Morocco}
Mexico - Latin America
Middle East Asia. {Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, UAE, }
Far East Asia {China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia,}

Countries Exported:
Apart from the above mentioned countries, list of following countries where we have been exporting:
Argentina, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Greece, UK, Lebanon, Mauritius, Malaysia, etc.

Pet Preform Manufacturing
In Year 2011, our Management decided to start manufacturing of PET preforms as the consumption of bottled mineral water in India started picking up due to vast urbanization, nuclear family, increase in travelling of people, climatic change condition etc.
Hence we booked & installed most advanced world renowned
HUSKY PET MOLDING SYSTEM “ its All Electric version to give less carbon foot print.
Started our manufacturing factory ad measuring some 5000 in 100% pollution free zone in Ahmedabad from 2011 year end.
Production Capacity to produce preforms approximately 6000 kg preforms on daily basis.
Targeted Packaged & Still water Manufacturer in India.
Preform size includes for 200ml , 500ml, 1000ml & 2000ml bottle capacity.
Due to ultra superior preform quality, affordable prices we could tap local, regional & national clients in the due course of time.
In year 2013 installed 2nd HUSKY ALL ELECTRIC SYSTEM with a higher version of 48 cavitation :
Introduced preforms suitable to Carbonated Soft Drinks application with preform size 28mm PCO 1881 type catering from 150ml till 2000ml bottle capacity.
Over all with 2 HUSKY SYSTEMS & a Ferromatic , we are producing approximately a million preforms on a day basis.
This manufacturing company is totally handled by me as a CEO which includes
Recruitment of :
Production cum Maintenance Engineers,
Quality Personnel.
Dispatch & House keeping staff.
Production workers
Marketing & Sales: Of our products within Regional, National or Overseas Clients/ Customers.
All kind of purchases: required in Production Raw Material, Packing bags,
Master batches, Machinery spare parts.
Involved in production planning in line with customers & season requirement.
All kind of Technical involvement either with Husky Systems in India & their counter parts in Luxembourg (Europe).
Preventive Maintenance of all Machinery installed in the plant including Utilities like Cooling Tower, Air compressor, Water Pumps, RO plant , Overhead Cranes, etc.
Developed in house system for smooth functioning & quality inspection right from Raw Material till Dispatch of Finished Goods.
Our Preforms are sold under the Brand Name “Greenpet “ .
We are associated with National & prestigious clients like IRTCT , BISLERI ( On their multi location units across India)
Have other Regional & Local clients related to Beverage Industry
{ Still Water , Carbonated Soft Drinks , RTD etc}
Installed “On Grid” Solar Roof Top Plant of 150KW in year 2016 with Inventor of Germany & Solar panels from Canada . What so ever electricity is generated is being utilized as we have a 24x 7 running High Tension plant.

Production Manager
1995 to 1996.
Job Profile :
Vacuum Metallizing, Spray Painting
Camera Assembly
Hot Foil stamping , Ultra sonic welding
Injection Molding department having world class Negri Boss, Demagg, Windsor models & processing PP, HDPE, ABS, PC, PS , ACRYLICS & various other Polymers on day to day basis.

Production Manager
1992 to 1995
Company Name : Arihant Thermoware Ltd
Company Profile : Engaged in manufacturing of various Thermoware products & house hold items with 6 Injection molding machines.

Plant Incharge
1988 to 1992.
Company Name : Panorama Plastics
Company Profile : Manufacturing of various Thermoware products & house hold items having over 40 Injection Molding machines & 10 Blow molding machines with various Capacities
Job Profile :
Joined here as a Trainee Engineer in year 1988.
Promoted to Shift Engineer in year 1989.
Promoted to Plant Incharge in year 1990 where by I was made to handle independent Unit comprising of 16 molding machines
Handled & processed more than 2000 plus various Household type injection molds.
Processed HDPE, PP, LDPE, LLDPE, PC, ABS, PVC, etc.
Handled Injection molding machines of Windsor , Ferromatic starting from 50T, 80T, 130T, 180T, 250T, 300T, 400T, & Lastly the world most advanced HUSKY SYSTEMS .
Made many changes into then Windsor Injection Molding machines & awarded Credit Certificate by Them & now also in Husky Systems which is running in our plant ( Ahimsa)

Trade Fairs & Exhibitions:
Visited no. of times China Plast & exhibited in Canton Fair & visited no of Chinese Plastic Mold manufacturing companies to evaluate their working style & technology they are using.
Exhibited in Plast India which is held every 4 years in India since 1996 till date.
Visited K-Plast in Germany in year 2009.
Exhibited in Drin tech Global exhibition being held in India & abroad.

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