Ref. No. : CA - 14800 (Quality - Injection Moulding with 18.4 years in Plastic Industry)

40 Years
Highest Education Level
Post Graduate Diploma
Preferred Country
Notice Period
0 Days
Education Details
Diploma In Pharmacy From Rajiv Gandhi university Bhopal (M.P.) in 2014 With First division

Post Graduate Diploma in Plastics Processing Technology (P.G.D.P.P.T.) From CIPET, Bhopal (M.P.) in 2002 With First Division

Bachelor Of Science From Jiwaji University Gwalior (M.P.) in 2000 With Second Division

12th From M.P. Board Bhopal in Year 1994 With First Division

10th From M.P.Board Bhopal in 1992 With Second Division.
Skill Sets
Plastic Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Roto Molding, Calendar & Extrusion heaving exposure in Quality & ISO- 9001/QMS 14001, GMP, HACCP Development, Product development, Trials, System & Project Work.

MS- office, Power Point, Excel & internet.
Working Knowledge of SAP & ERP.


Work Experience
18.4 Year(s)


Work Experience Details
Manager – Q.A.
Since July 2015
Company Profile : Leading and fastest growing Pipe and Water Storage solution Company. manufacturing of Plastic Water Tank, Rotational Moulded Tanks, Blow Moulded Tanks, PPR Piping Systems, CPVC Piping Systems, Plastic Pipe Fittings, PVC Pressure Piping, Multi-Layer Composite Piping System, SWR Piping Systems, uPVC Column pipe,casing pipe, Agri pipes, Polyethylene Manholes and various kinds of plastic moulded articles for agricultural and household purposes
Job Profile :
Reporting to G.M. (Operation), Technical G.M. (Corporate) & Managing Director.
Ensure that Quality Control & Assurance Systems are placed in to operation at every stage of manufacturing and final stage of the product including packaging and dispatch as per specification of the customers at plant as well as project sites.
Develop annual quality audit plan for internal quality audit for systems and processes for the production / projects in discussion with their respective heads.
Ensure quality and regulatory compliance across plant and projects within the organization.
Study benchmarks and industry trends to understand best practices in quality related activities; identify modes of implementation of best practices in the manufacturing location / projects.
Support of quality inspection of incoming raw material before the material is actually put under the production process. Ensure raw material quality is as per the quality norms laid out by client requirement (in case of projects).
Monitor the findings from various audits and investigations and minimize cases of deviation.
Support in development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and protocols for business processes / departments and suggest improvements in the same to Corporate Quality. 
Lead, guide and mentor the team of Sectional Heads, Supervisors and Workmen for successful implementation of Quality Control & Quality Assurance System.
Ensure that system is placed into operation to capture deviations made while producing the product and recommend corrective as well as preventive measures for eliminating the deviations.
Ensure that all customers complaints are documented, analyzed and resolved to the satisfaction of customers.
Ensure that all incoming material including bought out items and packaging materials are as per specifications.
Develop and implement the plan for determining the specifications in case of any input items where specifications are not available.
Ensure the implementation of ISO system in letter and spirit with a view to optimizing quality standards, reducing cost of operation and enlightening the end users.
Generate requisite MIS for capturing deviations in various areas of operation. In case of major deviation, escalate this information to the management immediately.
All types of test for product/Raw Material as per Indian standard/International standards to follow.
Co. and BIS in liaising work with certifying bodies in quality certifications renewal independent handling. IS -4985:2000, IS-13592:2013, IS -12818:2010, IS-15450:2004 ,IS:4984:1995,IS 7834:1987,IS 14735:1999,IS 12701:1996,IS-12786:1989,IS- 14151(PT-1,PT-2):1999,.

Senior Manager – Q.A.
Nov 2008 To June 2015.
Company Profile : Leading polymer products Multinational company.
Job Profile :
Reporting to Plant Head & V.P.(Operation) / Head of Quality (Corporate)
Developing, Establishing, Implementing & maintaining Quality Management requirement as per ISO-9001/QMS 14001, GMP & HACCP.
Installation of Chenway blow moulding machine (Taiwan) at Baddi.
Verification of quality of incoming raw material, suppliers supplied items, first piece inspection during machine start up and conducting required final inspection on finished product before release for dispatch and giving approval.
Interact with customers, assess their quality requirement and initiate necessary steps to ensure that customer’s requirements are met.
Analyzing quality feed back from customer. Training and up gradation of staff in his area of control.
Organizing calibration of measuring and test equipment's and conducting MSA studies.
Assist In charge (QA) in all matters to enable him discharging his duties and responsibilities efficiently.
Attending customer / third party inspection. Co-ordinate with Purchase (H.O) and supplier reevaluation.
Prepare in Product Data Sheet – Bulk / Med./ Pails / sheet extrusion/ Injection Moulding Accessories
Prepare in Incoming material Inspection report.
Lot inspection & acceptance report outsourced items (HDPE / Turf / other )
Prepare in Online process stability report – Bulk / Med / Inj.
Prepare in Online quality control report – Bulk / Med/Pails /Sheet Extrusion.
Prepare in Online Inspection report (Sheet Extrusion)/ injection / Blow Moulding/Medium packaging / pails.
Prepare in Vibration, Stacking Test, Compatibility Test, Drop impact resistance, ESCR Test, Closure Leakage Test, Degasification test, Hydrostatic Test, Pressure Tightness Test Report and Top Load Resistance Test Test Report
Prepare in Finish goods clearance (lot handover) report (for drums) – Bulk / Med /Pails / Inj.
Prepare in Final Inspection Report – Pails / Bulk Packaging / Medium packaging/ Sheet Extrusion.
Prepare in Test certificate – Bulk / Med./sheet extrusion/ pails.
Prepare in Register of NCP products, Nonconformity Report-I.M.I,Nonconformity Report-I.P., Rejection Note & Product Rejection Rate,
Prepare in Customer complaint analysis & corrective action report.
Prepare in Field service report, Customer complaint Rate, Master Document list and Master List of quality records.
Prepare in Master list of Standards / External origin documents Prepare in Master Document list
Prepare in Prepare in Document Issue Record & Document amendment proposal and approval form.
Prepare in Dispose log of invalid quality records & Invalid documents file,
Prepare in Calendar for internal quality audit & Schedule – Internal Quality Audit & Results of internal quality audit
Prepare Corrective action report/ Preventive action report
Prepare in Audit summary report
Prepare in Agenda for management review meeting & Minutes of management review meeting

To stop the production when Nonconformity observed.
To initiate and Implement corrective and preventive actions.
To Approval the production Start up.

Junior Officer / – Q.A.
July 2002 To Oct 2008
Company Name : Nilkamal Limited
Company Profile : Manufacturer of product in both the furniture as well as crates segments.
Job Profile :
Reporting to:- M.R./ G.M.(Works) / V.P.(Operation) / Head of Quality (Corporate)
Developing, Establishing, Implementing & maintaining Quality Management requirement as per ISO-9001/QMS 14001.
Prepare in process inspection report. Checking of product as per quality plan and sampling plan.
Carrying out re-verification in shifts in case of product re-worked. Article data sheet of furniture and crates.
Limit sample approval. Aesthetics visual defect (Furniture's & crates). In process inspection of assembly and packing.
Lot confirmation in SAP (CO11). Resulting recording in SAP (QA32) in process. Usage decision in SAP (QA11).
In process inspection of printing. New mould approval as per procedure. New Raw Material/Master batch as per procedure approval.
New supplier approval for packing. Testing of furniture & crates as per QAP. Truck & container audit inspection.
Incoming inspection of raw material and master batch. Incoming inspection for packing materials.
Result recording in SAP (QA32) incoming materials. Manual lot creation of welding / fabrication in SAP(QA01).
Quality info record QIO6. Identified area like rejection/Hold/Accepted. Checking of pp master details in SAP(SQ01)
Customer complaint closed as per procedure(QM01). Trial procedure for production. Quality testing procedure and equipment.
Daily OEE procedure.
Production planning (CM25), planning attached with machine. Blended materials followup. Organize input process material like sticker & packing material. Operator work instruction. Operator work instruction. Safety instruction. Mould change(with check sheet) color change procedure. Process approval as per trial control chart(CPK value)PCI report. Process setting procedure and followup of MPDS.
Monthly performance report with root cause/CA/PA.
Prepare in SOP for Auxiliary equipment use and function.(chiller, D.G., Hooper loader, EOT crane, Leg rubbing machine).
Six sigma procedure (Readiness, KIV, Check point, Sigma monitoring sheet).
Housekeeping maintain, manpower handling , shift handover/takeover.
Future Goals
To work in a challenging environment in which I can positively contribute  towards the growth of the organization & grow as an individual.





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