Ref. No. : CA - 27113 (Maintenance and Service - Dies & Tools with 20.8 years in Plastic Industry)

47 Years
Highest Education Level
Preferred Country
Notice Period
30 Days
Education Details
Diploma Mechanical Engineering From MSBTE Mumbai, in 1996 with Second Class.
Skill Sets
Tool Room Mold maintenance & Thremoware Assembly Casserole hot pot PU/roto mold/ Machine In-charge.
Sound Knowledge of Injection Mold maintenance , modifications & Troubleshooting.
Knowledge of various type plastic, raw materials& molding parameter. TIG weld
Responsible for mould maintenance from 1Ton to 24Ton,( like pallets, chairs, crates mold dust bins )Injection and 1 blow molding machines operation in Shift and process along with auxiliaries. TIG welding
Documentation of Quality Assurance management system & Handling QMS Audits.
To Validation of mold critical/special characteristics of the product Validating of new molds & setting of parameters(mold history card ).
Participate with management in daily and monthly meeting (OEE).

MS-Office, Power Point, SAP, Blaze


Work Experience
20.8 Year(s)


Work Experience Details
Tool-Room Executive Manager and Thremoware Assembly (HOT POT) Dept In-change
Since Aug 2016
Company Profile: Manufacturer of injection and blow mould process for marking of plastics product as a Household and furniture item like Basin, Mug, Jug, Cup, Hotpot Casserole parts, Bowl, thin wall container, Bucket 3L to 20L, Basket, Armchair, Metal Leg Chair, tea table, long table etc.
Job Profile:
New Mould Approval by taking trial at supplier & our end mould maintenance
Modifications of mould and mould part as per requirement Reduce Break down time of moulds. And improve quality.
Working at Vendors & Associate Producers for trial production of new models
Tool fault finding and managing the process of repairing tools by local source tig welding spotting and wt reductions cycle time reduction
New Vendors Development as per company requirement.
All job work activity done from vendor at schedule time Manufacturing mould parts as per requirement.
Handling of PU Machines by all part Assembly with FG
Monitoring of daily MIS report of tool-room, PU Assembly Dept. and Injection moulding dept.
Reconciliation material as per Plan of all dept. like tool-room, PU Assembly, Moulding to achieved daily plan.
Reduce of Cycle time, weight reduction by considering quality of mould & moulded part.
Minimize the mould breakdown by Training of new manpower & existing manpower about to perform well jobs during work. Or preparing spare part list of machines & mould to quick change over. o manage and prepare all mold related reports and management relate report.
Work experience of QMS, Six Sigma & IMEA,

Tool-Room and Production Manager
May 2015 to Jul 2016
Company Profile: Manufacturer of Plastic Crates, Plastic Crates & Plastic Crates.
Job Profile:
Reduce brake down time of moulds & Process parameter setting and control Maintain u/kg improve utilization of mould
Setting a process parameter to the quality of process outputs by identifying & removing the causes of defects
After mould change, conversion of mould maintain in standard cycle time as per MPDS
Overall Equipment Efficiency above 85%
Maintain OEE by identifying & eliminating the causes of mould & machine breakdowns by taking Root cause corrective action Preventive action in order to avoid repeated break down defect %.
Minimize defects to improve productivity
Manpower Handling.
Arranging the training to operators & technician
mould changer to reduce mould change time.

Tool-Room & Job Work In-charge
June 1999 to Dec 2015
Company Name: Nilkamal Ltd.
Company Profile: Leading manufacturing furniture, vegetable crates, bottle crates, Roto molds & pallets industrial crates.
Job Profile:
Daily mould maintenance IMD/Roto mould trial & planning.(pallet with pu machine)
Analysis for mould maintenance/Mould History card
Receiving/ issuing of moulds for various group companies/ external agencies.
Maintain mould spotting and flashes MHC(a/b/c) Mould Data Sheet, verification report,
Mould flow balance,reduce flashes, new development in existing infrastructure
Inspection of Spares received from supplier for Tool room. Purchase Requisitions and controlling of raw material used in Tool room
All mould spares inventory, M/c. spares including Tools, Cutters and polishing material, TIG /MIG welding m/c
Handling break down and preventive maintenance. R.C./C.A.P.A Activity with SAP system
In house repairing mould& improvement to reduce cycle time, weight reduction fully auto by air jet and stripper
Maintain critical spares & safety stock for mould spares & tools polishing material
Planning as per Development Plan for month(new mould medium size)
Improvements,new modifications and maintenance
Quality of models and maintenance of furniture & vegetable crates, Industrial crates, bottle crates pallet, waste bins Roto moulds, Blow Mould (5ltr), etc.
Skills of Shut Down, Start Up and the ability to take a good decision during the troubleshooting of mold, machine, and dealing about that with personal.
Work done for major Mould rectifications to minimize breakdown time & cycle time moulds. With analysis MTBF, MTTF, MTTR Fishbone diagram
Working with vendor at Nashik, Pune, Aurangabad. Nagpur Silvassa, Hyderabad Daman
To maintain proper Housekeeping& Training conduct for tool room department And Recording the details of all above activities SAP complete documentations
Plan the production on respective machines as per marking requirement by BLAZE System.
Generating QC checks point and procedures for any action take.
Train new manpower & existing manpower about to perform well jobs during work.
To manage and prepare all mold related reports and management relate report like brake down analysis improvement.

Machine Handled:-
Handle Injection moulding m/c like MAGNA 650, MIR:1000, MIR:675
Ferromatik Millacron 100 TN, 200 TN, 350 DC, JonWai 750,JW: 120, JW: 150, JW: 250, CLF: 660,CLF: 750, NIGRI BOSSY 720 T, NIGRI BOSSY 550T, trial taken SE: 4000T Zejiang Sound At Vendor, JW: 3000 for pallet handle in emergency only.(Elastofoam).

Raw Material Used:-
HDPE, LLDPE, PP, PPCP, PPHP, RPP, Regrinding Material

Mould handled:-
Cold runner mold (two plate and three plates)
Hot runner mold (manifold and drops type)
Insert molding type mold
Hydraulic & air Core type mold
Roto mould,Folded crate

Training's Attended:-
ISO – 9001:2008
Mould Verification
Team building.

Achievements awarded for Group Level:-
New Mold trial conducted in Taiwan may 2010
New Mold trial conducted with china coordinator in India
New Mold trial conducted in Tanzania may 2018

Result oriented with an ability to rapidly incorporate new ideas.
Ability to manage stress & time effectively.
Decision making, Positive Attitude &, Excellent Team Work.
Man power handling in critical situation.
Future Goals
To apply my skills and knowledge and abilities in the industry and my aim is to make maximum in learning more from the industry, and use my knowledge indicatively and creatively, improvements in a manner beneficial to the company.





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